Gravity Falls Games

Игры Гравити Фолз картинка

                                   Incredible adventures, meeting abnormal phenomena, traveling into parallel reality and a lot of positive things, this is what Gravity Falls games are. Much is tied to the twins, but rather to their curiosity and craving for knowledge of the world. You are waiting for a wide variety of games, each of which reveals a part of the mystery associated with anomalies, the Pines family and their environment. Hurry up to play, nothing more interesting just happens.

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Гравити Фолз и его обитатели

The actions of all the games are somehow connected with the town of Gravity Falls, located in the state of Origon. Twins, 12-year-old Dipper and Mabel, come here for the summer holidays. This restless couple is familiar to many from the animated series. Those who for some reason are not familiar with the anomalous zone and its inhabitants will be interested in learning some facts from their biography.

  • Dipper is the charismatic, cheerful, twin Mabel. Curious adventurer. He likes exact sciences. From time to time, he finds different parts of the diary with spells and a description of paranormal phenomena and tries to get to the truth.
  • Mabel is Dipper’s charming twin sister. She is ready to help her brother in everything, but sometimes she nevertheless questions his conclusions. He has his own opinion about many things. Her pet is a charming pig named Bullet.
  • Uncle Stan is an adventurer by nature. In his life for 70 years there have been many secrets and adventures. Has a twin brother named Stanley. Children, whom he is a cousin of, call him uncle or great-uncle. Owns a tourist center with the sonorous name “Miracles Hut.”
  • Grandfather Ford - six-fingered twin brother Stena. He had high hopes in his youth. The author of diaries describing mysterious phenomena near Gravity Falls.
  • Jesus and Wendy are employees of the Miracle Shack Native people of Gravity Force.

The incredible adventures of the twins

Все игры Гравити Фолз, как и анимационный сериал созданы в стиле Твин Пикс. Загадочные существа, невероятные, не поддающиеся объяснению события, параллельная реальность — все это делает игры из этой серии особо привлекательными.

Игры Гравити Фолз

You do not have to miss the twins. Moreover, this concerns not only a 12 year old couple, but also their glorious grandfathers. In diverse games, they meet with evil spirits of all stripes, move in space, fall into various stories one way or another connected with mysterious phenomena. Quests, rpg, shooters have simply exciting stories. It is no less interesting in the games to help the heroes after the alterations, or to pick up clothes for them to conspire. Puzzles, mahjongs, coloring books about Gravity Falls and its inhabitants are also not uncommon.

You should not be surprised if you notice a machine in the hands of charming Pukhli. Yes, yes, pigs also know how to shoot, and this pig also jumps on a trampoline no worse than a professional acrobat, especially if they promise her a tasty one for that. In general, Puhlya in games about Gravity Falls is often next to the mistress in the thick of things. 15-year-old Wendy and 22-year-old Jesus also do not stand aside. It should be noted that 12-year-old twins are not inferior to seniors in the level of intelligence, and sometimes even surpass them.

In parallel reality

Separately, I want to note those games Gravity Falls, action which happens in parallel reality. They have common features associated with the similarity of the plot. Items in them can be transformed, taking, if necessary, various forms. And that's not all. Sometimes the task is incredibly complicated.

Игры Гравити Фолз

You see two characters at once, each of which is in its own reality, but you can only control one. In such a situation, it is very important to calculate each movement, because otherwise there is no way out of pseudo-reality. You can stick on the pins and drown in the river and into the clutches of all evil spirits. Playing such games is always interesting. Gravity Falls attracts, beckons, calls. There are lots of offers for two players. Each of them is unique in its own way, and together they are saturated with a touch of the unknown and mysterious.

The old Stanley's diaries hide a lot, you can study them endlessly. At the same time, you should even read the notes with caution, always remembering that in the vicinity of Gravity Falls you can inadvertently call any spirits. Although, given that this is only a game that you can stop at any time, or go through again, it’s worth the risk. This is the only way you can make sure that Gravity Falls is a good place to spend time.