Games Robbers

Игры Грабители картинка

The underworld is often told not only in criminal news bulletins, but also in books, films, and now in computer games. If we talk about video games, it’s worth remembering that in the most popular game series GTA, it is proposed to play in the role of a criminal. And this is not surprising, because after the gray everyday life of a calm life, one often wants to get a well-deserved portion of adrenaline. Games Robbers allow you to click your nerves and diversify your leisure.

Of course, the life of a robber is hard, and the games collected in this category are difficult. Here you will encounter difficult puzzles and quests, as well as entertainment designed for passing in the company with a friend sitting at the same computer. You have to rob banks and the rich, bypass the most complicated alarm systems, run away from the guards and their dogs, or take up the fight against crime yourself.

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