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Игры Гонки картинка

                                   If you have long wanted to become a racer, but you don’t have your own car yet, you can always find a way out. And this exit is the game! Driving high-speed cars causes a storm of joyful emotions and a strong surge of adrenaline, even despite the fact that all the events do not happen for real, but in the computer universe. Online racing games for boys and girls can never get bored!

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Игра Asphalt Asphalt
3.9 | || 369
Игра Футуристические Гонки 3Д Futuristic 3D Racing
3.6 | || 615
Игра Crazy Climb Racing Crazy Climb Racing
4.1 | || 725
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Что такое гонки

It turns out that this type of competition appeared a very long time ago. Racing is one of the oldest sports. The goal of the game of racing is to overtake all rivals and come to the finish line first. Races are held on various vehicles: cars, motorcycles, trucks, fireballs, yachts, airplanes, helicopters, skiing (including water) and other types of transport. The most ancient races (with the exception of, of course, the race between the people themselves) are considered to be a chariot (used during and even before the Olympic Games), although it is possible that the competition directly on horseback existed much earlier.

Игры Гонки

Screenshot from Gran Turismo 6, Polyphony Digital and Sony Computer Entertainment.

Now racing is one of the most popular sports, inferior, perhaps, to football. And about 40 years ago they began to be transferred to virtual reality. In this section you can familiarize yourself with most types of games where you will need to compete with your friends for speed, attention, reaction and ability to drive a vehicle.

Игры Гонки

Screenshot from Need for Speed: Rivals, Electronic Arts Companies , Ghost Games and Criterion Games.

Game industry

In 1973, the first race game was released, but it took place not on the race track, but in space. The slot machine allowed 2 people to compete with each other and with a computer. A year later a game was released that expanded the capabilities of the players, and another year later the first game in which the races took place on the highway. Already in 1976, it became possible to use the view from the cockpit. But the gaming machines alone did not end there - soon there were games for computers and consoles. They allowed to collect from 1 to 8 real players in one competition. Along the way, there were games that allowed shooting at opponents, blowing them up and in many other ways to disable the enemy.

Игры Гонки

Screenshot from NASCAR '14, Deep Silver and Eutechnyx.

Not all fans of classic races liked this, because here not everything depends on the skill of player management, but since this industry of the gaming industry attracted a lot of young people, it all grew. Regular races also developed, improving management, graphics and modes of transport. And now we have a large number of high-quality and interesting products and a developed gaming industry, which continues to please us with its masterpieces year after year.

But in addition to game versions, where you need to download a heavy client weighing several gigabytes and differing in excellent graphics, as well as realistic and high-quality gameplay, there are versions available directly in your browser! Today everyone can play racing online and for free, we hide on the Internet! To do this, you do not need to download anything to your computer, but simply open your favorite page! Moreover, every year, free racing games are becoming better and more interesting, projects made on the Unity 3D engine are especially high-quality.

Playing racing games is very cool and it doesn’t matter which ones are! If you just want to kill time, then online simulators and arcades will be completely suitable for you, but if you want something more interesting and realistic, then look towards client games.