Geometry Dash Games

Игры Геометрия Даш картинка

                                   Ever since school times, when you hear the word “geometry” in a conversation, does “again this boring thing” involuntarily arise in your head? Perhaps, after all, this is a well-established association of a schoolboy, and indeed of any adult. Geometry Dash games will change your mind about this item. This is a fun, exciting arcade game that will not let you get bored under any circumstances.

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What awaits you in Geometry Dash

Your hero in Geometry Dash is a small square with a draw on it funny face, very active and absolutely restless. To control it, a simple click / click system is used. The player cannot control the pace of the game, except in those cases when he picks up a specific game item that changes its speed.

Игры геометрия Даш

The idea is that you have to bring the square to the final goal, collecting stars or other objects that give you points along the way (they vary depending on each game). One mistake can turn into a complete failure for you, because you have to go through the level again. The full version of Geometry Dash will give you access to all levels and different skins for your hero.

It’s easy to say - it’s harder to do

Only the most assiduous and quick-reaction person can play Geometry Dash. Yes, at first the game may seem too easy for you, what to do there, jump and jump yourself over obstacles. But do not rush into judgments, the farther you are from the start, the more difficult the environment will become, and the sooner you can get into a trap or poke on spikes bulging everywhere.

Прыжки в игре геометрия Даш

Management within the game is carried out both with the mouse and the keyboard. Choose what you prefer and go. The complexity of the geometry dash game changes as you progress: from easy levels that can be won on the first try, to terribly difficult ones that may not be given to you even for the thousandth time. Do not forget to turn up the volume, these online games have excellent musical accompaniment, under which leading the box to the goal is only more fun. Catch the beat soon!