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Игры Гадкий Я картинка

                                   Have you ever had a desire to take over the whole world? Probably it was, but there was no way to do it. But the coolest supervillain in the world has such an opportunity! Grue - that’s the name of the villain has everything that is needed in order to do different nasty things and not be caught by the police! But Grue does not work alone, in order to create pranks, he created himself a whole army of minions, which helps him in any undertakings. It is noteworthy that it was the minions who became the most popular cartoon characters. On our site you will find the best Despicable and Minions games available online and completely free!

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Небольшой экскурс в историю

It was the full-length comedy animated film The Despicable Me, who saw the light in 2010, that made the popular yellow-eyed cranks - the minions, now kind and good Grew, who had previously been a thief and freaky naughty girls from an orphanage who have found a real family. The sequel appeared at the box office in the summer of 2013. Even cinema analysts could not have predicted such popularity of the cartoon Despicable Me 2, just mention that this sequel, having collected a little less than a billion dollars at the box office, became the highest grossing cartoon of the year.

Игры Гадкий Я

In addition, each of the released full-length animated films was also accompanied by mini-cartoons with the participation of the main characters. Largely thanks to these short, but very funny and informative stories, the popularity of minions is increasing every day. And besides short cartoons, the Despicable Me games were also released, which were distributed on the Internet and also contributed to the popularity of the film.

Minions - who they are

Tiny harmless creatures that were once created in Gru Labs from a chain of mutated DNA. At first, all of them simply worked for their master and helped him in thieves' affairs, and later became the best and closest friends for Grew himself and his adoptive daughters.

Even just watching them, you already enjoy. There are many of them, they understand human speech, but they themselves express themselves in a language that is known to them alone. Minions do not differ in special intelligence, however this does not spoil them at all, and even vice versa. With all this, they are more than well versed in technology.

These cute creatures are yellow in color and have huge half-body eyes. There are both one-eyed individuals and minions with two eyes, but this, alas, has no effect on the level of mental abilities. And let these cranks find very peculiar ways to solve problems, but their efforts to achieve their goals are simply impressive. It is very difficult to divide one banana into 200 - 300 parts, but the minions at least tried to do it, and the genius would not have worked out better.

Игры Гадкий Я

They are efficient and resourceful, they know how to work in a team and solve problems together, and also love to play with each other. It’s very funny to watch how in the first part of the cartoon Despicable Me, a crowd of yellow eyes is trying to divide one banana into everyone, or how carefully one of the minions treats his puppy without even realizing that he met an alien mind. That is why minions are very interesting to play games!

They are friends with children. Solving children's problems for them is a matter of honor. It was thanks to the minions that Grew's home was recognized as suitable for girls to live in, and they also made sure that Agnes's bike and toys became perfect.

How Grew turned from an inveterate villain into a respectable father of the family

Everyone dreams about his own, has his own ideas about career growth, popularity and professionalism. So Grew faithfully gained a reputation as an archdealer. Having accidentally found out about replacing the Egyptian pyramid with a fake, he, of course, was terribly upset, because this act of vandalism was committed by the young and promising villain Vector, and now, to prove his worth, Gru must commit a super robbery. His past merits, in particular the abduction of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty from Vegas, are no longer quoted. The villain decides to abduct the moon.

For the implementation of such an unusual and daring plan, all you need to steal a reducer. The treacherous Gru decides to blindly involve the orphans from Miss Hattie's shelter and, of course, the army of irreplaceable minions.

Having introduced himself as a doctor, Gru takes the girls to him just to use them. However, being truly attached to them, she simply cannot imagine further life without her beloved babies Agnes, Margo and Edith. And when they get into trouble, he sacrifices the stolen Moon for their salvation.

The nomenclature is not lost

Cartoon Despicable Me 2, it turned out no worse than the first part. As you know, the nomenclature is not lost. That is why the representatives of the Anti-Villain League (AZL), in order to find the laboratory stolen from the Arctic, go to the long-gone Gru. A loving father who honestly earns a living by making jams and jellies, ready to reincarnate even in Gryupunzel for the sake of the happiness of his little ones, after long deliberation agrees to participate in a secret operation.

Together with the AZL agent, the brave Lucy, Grew is trying to get on the trail of the chemical PX-41, which can turn anyone into a death machine. In the owner of one of the restaurants, he recognizes the notorious villain El Macho, whom everyone considers dead. And, of course, exposes it.

Игры Гадкий Я

Dangerous adventures, completely unlike children's games, in which not only Grew himself takes part, but also brave babies, the talented chemist Dr. Fabio, who found the antidote for PX-41 and the minions, who almost became the secret weapon in the clutches of the bloodthirsty El Macho, end with a happy end. By the way, love cannot do without love. Special agents know how to fight for their happiness. To eliminate the rivals, even a moose sleeping pill is used, and joint experiences and the ability to use a lipstick-shocker also bring together.

A new adventure awaits a happy family. This is not surprising, because the life of such an extraordinary family cannot be mundane and boring. Despicable Me 2 games still continue to appear on the Internet with new adventures of favorite characters, and the appearance of new episodes of mini-cartoons about minions can be expected in 2015, and by 2017 the third part of the full-length movie will be released.

Сегодня Гадкий я и миньоны завоевали сердца миллионов зрителей. Эти мультфильмы популярны и востребованы, они не оставят равнодушными ни детей ни их родителей.