Games Football heads for two

Игры Футбол головами на двоих картинка

                                   Almost every boy dreams of becoming a great football player, and therefore almost every day he goes to play football with his friends. This is not surprising, given how huge the number of fans of this game is. But no matter how much you love her, it’s not every day that you get out and play with your friends, and there are many reasons for this! But with the advent of computers and consoles in our lives, everything has changed dramatically, now you can compete with your friends right at home online. In recent years, a huge variety of different flash games has appeared, one of which is the game of football heads. Play online for free!

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Как появилась игры про футбольные головы

A bit of theory. As you know, professional football is a rather difficult game suitable exclusively for professionals in their field. It has a certain set of clear rules and many shots, passes, penalties and other intrinsic techniques. One of them is a head bang.

There are several types of head bangs:

  • The first is carried out during take-off and fully utilizes a group of spinal and cervical muscles, and the blow acquires such a force mainly due to a run. With skillful handling of the ball, it has high accuracy and penetrative power.
  • The second type is kicks in the jump, in them, the person uses the muscles of the back and neck, and the jump serves as an element of the fight for the ball from opponents . Such punches are not accurate and serve to bring the ball out of the danger zone.

History of creation

The idea to create such an arcade came to the mousebreaker company engaged in the development of a huge number of different mini-games for computers and mobile devices. Only a few months after the idea appeared in the head of mousebreaker developers, in early 2010, the first online football heads game was released, which was released for free and gained immense popularity among millions of young gamers.

Игра футбольные головы

And then a few more games in honor of championships and other popular events. In addition to the PC version, the game was also ported to mobile devices, so you can play football with your heads online for free on your iphone or ipad. Moreover, the mobile versions even have multiplayer, allowing you to fight on bluetooth with your friends. The developer released similar games about other sports - tennis, basketball and volleyball.

Features of the gameplay

After loading, you find yourself in the main menu where you can create a new game, continue the existing one and see instructions. Unfortunately, all the menus and tips will be in English, so especially for you we translated them, but first about the gameplay itself. After clicking on the “NEW GAME” button, you get to the menu for selecting your head and opponent. Well-known stars such as Vine Runeli, Kristian Ronaldo and others act as rivals. Each of the rivals has its own qualities - someone runs fast, someone hits more accurately, someone has higher intelligence. The more opponents you can defeat, the more difficult the subsequent sports battles will be.

Football game with two heads, has a system of achievements outstanding to players, for example:

  • Iron defense - defeat an opponent without getting a single goal in your own goal
  • Last line - block the shot on the goal line
  • Last chance to win - score a goal, 5 seconds before the end of the match
  • Big head - score a goal with your head
  • Goal in a jump - score a ball into the goal during the jump
  • Good start - hit the ball with the ball in the first 5 seconds of the match
  • And others.

There are various bonuses for a variety of gameplay. There are 3 types of them. Positive, negative and neutral. To activate them, you need, when bonuses appear, hit the ball with them.


  • Speeds up movement on the field
  • Increases the height of jumps
  • Freezes an opponent, preventing him from moving
  • Increases an opponent’s goal
  • Increases your character
  • You break your leg

Negative || | 607

  • Замедляет вашу скорость
  • Reduces the height of jumps
  • Freezes you
  • Reduces the opponent’s goal
  • Makes the character a dwarf
  • Breaks your leg


  • Bombs start to fall
  • Udv Gets the number of balls
  • Increases the size
  • Makes it more jumping
  • Decreases
  • Closes the overview

Go to the essence of the game

After pressing the button with an opponent, you must press the spacebar, after which the competition begins in 3 seconds. You have two options to score the ball - either do it with your head or foot, using the space bar.

In addition to the single player game, there is also a multiplayer. In this case, you can play together on the same computer. 1 person will control the “WASD” keys and the spacebar, and the second arrow keys and the English beech “P”. Good luck Playing football with two heads is very exciting and much more pleasant than playing one.

Игра футбол головами

You will control your main character with arrows and kick your foot with the space bar. Below is a time counter, as well as buttons to turn off the music, sound and enter the main menu. At the top is scoring goals. With each new level of the free online game football heads for two, the top cover changes on the field and there are ledges and obstacles that prevent you from scoring goals with your head! During the battle, bonuses will appear on the football field, which we talked about a little higher. To eat them, it is enough to hit them with a ball, and sometimes this happens completely involuntarily! Win the champion and win the gold cup in the competition, good luck!