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                                   Probably almost all modern boys love football, they watch it on TV, go to matches, cheer for their team in the stadium and play in the yards, representing themselves as great stars along with Ronaldo and Beckham. The game of football for boys has already become a familiar extracurricular activity. In any city there are many sections where you can give young Kerzhakov! But it’s not always possible to play football with friends, and there can be many reasons for this, from bad weather or the winter season to parents who don’t want to let their children go alone. But there is a way! Thanks to flash games on our website, you have the opportunity to enjoy them without registration.

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Игра Чемпионат мира по футболу один на один World Cup one on one
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Игра Автофутбол Autofootball
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Появление футбола

The game of football begins its history from ancient times dating back several thousand years BC. It was then that ancient people knew what a ball was and began to throw it at each other, in any case, this is how scientists interpret the first cave paintings depicting balls. At that time, any spherical objects wrapped in animal skins acted as balls. The first mention, about games that are more like football, appeared in the beginning of the 1st century AD, the ancient Chinese and Japanese fenced the territory with two stakes or cobblestones, one person stood up to defend the ancient goal, and the others alternately had a ball in them. || |

Balls over thousands of years have also changed a lot and most often were made either from animal bladders, or from skillfully stitched skin, or from people's hair and animal hair. But such games were single and rarely went beyond the boundaries of one settlement, so that in all the villages where this game penetrated, the rules were very different from each other. But even so, football spread very quickly around the world and conquered new horizons. After another 1,500 years, the ball game spread throughout the world, from the vast expanses of Japan to cold Russia.

First rules

Until the 19th century, the game of football had no clear rules, because of what happened a lot of unpleasant situations, often ending in brawls and mass fights. People, most of whom were lower class, drove the ball around the trading floors, markets and other crowded places, which caused outrage and often ended in massive fights. During fierce battles for the ball, the people broke trading shops, knocked over tables with selling products and trampled them into the ground. It was not uncommon for the police to intervene and disperse the players home.

For example, differences in the rules include the fact that some of them passed the ball between themselves with their hands and feet, while others took the ball into their hands was considered a serious violation rules.

Only in the middle of the 19th century, when the development of the game reached such proportions that almost every school had its own football club, and entertainment became the lot of not only the lower layers of the population but also the aristocracy, was the first big a set of rules with which most of the existing The number of teams. By the end of the 19th century, almost all over the world, many clubs were opened and the first fans appeared. People realized that sporting events can make a lot of money and the boom in entrepreneurship and commercialization of the sports market has begun.

Playing football has become not only an interesting hobby, but also a profitable business. Famous personalities began to make profits in the millions of dollars. But entrepreneurs who built huge stadiums and held matches in them, playing gold cups began to earn even more. Thousands of people were ready to pay any money, just to see how professionals beat each other.

The game of football has become a cult or even some religion for several hundred years. But gradually interest in it decreases and now you can observe that this entertainment is of interest to less and less people.

How football games developed

The first simulators began to appear since 1987 and were a 2D field on which plainly drawn little men ran and passed the ball to each other. The first 3D game appeared in 1993 under the name FIFA International Soccer and thanks to its revolutionary technology, as well as full support for FIFA, was widely used. Since that time, FIFA has been released every year and continues this tradition until now, with each new version of the game, improving its graphics, engine and artificial intelligence.

Игра футбол

Screenshot from FIFA 12, EA Canada and Electronic Arts.

Serious competition for fife was made by another football simulator released by Konami in 1997 - Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Now it also receives annual updates and is almost as good as its main competitor. In addition to the computer, both simulators are available on set-top boxes, on portable consoles, and more recently on mobile devices.

Flash games about football are also popular, but they are very simple and mostly not interesting. But there are arcades where you will need to control only their heads, trying to protect their gates and score a goal to rivals. And yet, you can mint the ball with your heads, trying to keep it in this state for as long as possible.

Игры в футбол

Screenshot from FIFA 12, EA Canada and Electronic Arts.

But most often, you have to not a full game for the entire football team or one player, but only for certain parts of it - for example, protecting the goal from balls or vice versa scoring from free kicks in them. Or for example, stuffing balls to test your dexterity. And if you want something more realistic, you should buy FIFA 14 and enjoy the amazing graphics, realistic gameplay and the ability to play football online with your friends.