Freezel Phrase Games

Игры Фризл Фраз картинка

There are so many different characters in the arcade, but some have a special place in the hearts of the players. The famous pink fluffy ball has long conquered many. The shaggy sneak constantly jumps towards adventures, and it is difficult to stop him, therefore it is better to join him during his wanderings and travels. Freeze-phrase games will tell you about the adventures of a funny hero. Together with him you can go to the underwater world, forest or winter country.

The main character of games with freeze-phrase is a fluffy ball. He jumps through the levels of the game, collects keys and tries not to get caught by enemies. Keys allow you to open locks on the doors of rooms. Usually there are 4–5 of them; we recommend collecting all the keys. To play freeze-phrase online, you'll need a keyboard. The hero is controlled by arrows, and to jump higher, press the space bar.

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