Games Fixics for children

Игры Фиксики для детей картинка

                                   Fixies have long been one of the most beloved children's heroes and, unlike many Russian cartoons, are ways to compete with their foreign rivals. Today, this series of cartoons is one of the most popular among children from 3 to 12 years old and thanks to the completely free new series that are laid out on youtube video hosting, their popularity continues to grow. Well, here you will find the best fixi games in Russian, which you can play online for free! Enjoy the games with your beloved little men and help them do their hard work!

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Кто такие фиксики сегодня не секрет

It is unlikely that today there will be a man among us who is not familiar with the work of Eduard Uspensky. The kids simply adore Matroskin’s cat and Skoda octopuses, parents remember the adventures of the plasticine crow well and are delighted with the pedagogical techniques used in raising the restless boy Yasha, but grandparents will gladly enlighten their grandchildren about the red-haired hemp. Believe it or not, but in the story with fixatives, Ouspensky was also not without. The fact is that the story “Warranty Men” served as the basis for the animated series, and the idea of ​​creating the cartoons themselves belongs to Alexander Tatarsky. It turned out as always great, fervent, fun and, of course, instructive. Since 2010, all new series have been published, each of which may interest not only curious young technology lovers, but even their parents. And the Fixiki games for girls and boys posted on the Internet help to consolidate the knowledge gained in practice.

What makes the mechanisms work

Adults are often sure that they know everything. In this case, the existence of small useful creatures that set in motion numerous mechanisms and make them work, few guess. Since time immemorial, it was fixics who were given the opportunity to repair watches and gramophone, typewriters and locks, to make music boxes and barrel-organs to produce unique enchanting sounds. A little later, with the development of civilization, fixics had to deal with electrical appliances and even learn how to communicate with electronics. They learned for themselves that jokes are bad with electricity.

Игры Фиксики

These little creatures all know and all know how. At the same time, it’s worth nothing to disguise themselves. By chance meeting a man, they immediately turn into an ordinary screw. That’s why in the adult world it doesn’t even occur to anyone that the fixation is somewhere nearby.

In order to exist normally, any of the fixation needs to be energized all the time, otherwise weakened, it can remain a cog for a long time. Only another recharging will save him from such a fate.

A cheerful family of repairmen and other characters

Fixies are a friendly people. There are probably a lot of them around the world, but there are only nine in the series. A very sensible girl Simka, her younger brother Nolik, their parents Masya and Papus, a grandfather named Dedus and four young schoolchildren, Simka's classmates. All of them are in the apartment of an ordinary family. Adults do not notice them, but for the eight-year-old Dim Dimych, endowed with the ability to see fixatives, as well as communicate and play with them, they became not only true friends, but in many ways also mentors.

Grandfather has the most honorable mission - he teaches the younger generation repair business. Moreover, his knowledge is undeniable, and any school teacher can envy his pedagogical abilities and creative approach to the learning process as a game. As an example, it is enough to recall exactly how the exam on the use of the helper passed in the school of young fixics. The resourceful grandfather “in secret” informed little Nolik about ten different tools in turn, until he was convinced that they could easily handle any of them now. Indeed, it is the virtuoso use of the helper that is vital for any of the fixatives. And with the help of mental visualization and the banal pressing of a button, repairmen get access to any of the necessary tools. Another very important point, only adults have helpers.

Игры Фиксики

The family couple is usually engaged in repairs of an increased level of complexity. The head of the Papus family has been involved in space exploration in the past. He does not trust his helper with anyone, he just needs him all 24 hours a day. Masya is more loyal to his instrument, in addition, working together with her husband, if necessary, she will be able to get everything that may be needed for repairs, even without her own set. Repair of refrigerators and TVs, a computer of all other office equipment located in the house is carried out by this particular couple.

The smart Simka can easily cope with tasks. It was not difficult for her to help Dim Dimych get a ring accidentally dropped there from the water knee, she knows many interesting things and willingly shares information with her younger brother and eight-year-old boy. And how could it be otherwise with such a grandfather. Together with Dim Dimych, Simka and her brother, not only play games and have fun, but also do housework, as well as in each new series of the cartoon, learn something new.

Fixies are not bad teach

It is very remarkable that fixiki not only introduce young Dim Dimych, but with him all curious viewers, with the device of all kinds of household appliances and mechanisms of various kinds. They also, importantly, distinguish between the concepts of good and bad, not only protecting the boy from troubles, but also helping him make the right decision. So, in the story with a thermometer accidentally crashed in the bathroom, fixatives localize mercury, but at the same time leave broken glass in place, allowing Dim Dimych to realize his misconduct. Thanks to these kids, the boy finds the courage to confess to his mother that he simply did not want to go to the next control. But despite some disagreements, Dim Dimych really likes to play with the Fixies, because thanks to this, he learns to learn the world and learns a lot of new things.

There are many instructive stories, each of them is interesting in its own way, and certainly informative . We all constantly use these or those devices: vacuum cleaners and mixers, fans and a microwave, a telephone, a camera, and little more than that, without even thinking that any physical laws begin to operate during their work, and this happens independently of us. Information provided in an unobtrusive and very easy to read form makes young viewers more erudite and gives a lot of comprehensive interesting answers to the endless questions of young women. Well, children's games about Fixikov allow children to be occupied while they are waiting for new episodes.