Games Evolution

Игры Эволюция картинка

The whole world consists of atoms and molecules. Some believe that on Earth for many millions of years everything has been going in a circle, being created and born again. To become the creator of the worlds, you only need to include games about evolution. In them, you can step by step go through the whole process of creating peace and the birth of life on the planet.

In some online games you have to help the tadpole to survive in the marine environment and become the most dangerous predator, in other games, you become a cage, which is gradually growing and developing. For a faster process of evolution, you are offered to go through a kind of platformer - eat objects along the way, and become bigger and stronger. With the increased size, the number of objects and creatures for eating increases. There are also arcades in the section on the evolution of the world. Combine elements together, creating new substances, things and creatures.

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