Games Ever After High

Игры Эвер Афтер Хай картинка

                                   Perhaps someone learning about the existence of a school for children of fairy-tale heroes will be very surprised, but nevertheless it exists and has its own name - School Long and Happy. Thanks to her notorious students, the Ever After High games for girls are becoming more and more popular today. There is nothing more interesting than observing the stories of beloved fairy-tale heroes and taking a direct part in their lives. This is exactly what you can do without much effort, just want to be in the company of stellar students.

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Who are they, students of Ever After High School

If you think carefully, the school was called Long and Happily for a reason. After all, the task of fabulous students is not simple. They need to make sure that children never forget those magical tales and stories about the incredible adventures that once happened to their ancestors. Do not be surprised, the whole point is that fairy-tale characters, as it turned out, also become adults, and children are replacing them. This is where all the fun begins.

You can easily meet the daughter of Cinderella or Snow White, the Evil Queen or Pinocchio, even the daughter of the Gray Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood or the Crazy Hatter from behind the Looking Glass. In general, if any of the characters in your favorite fairy tales has children, then they study in Ever After High.

Игры Эвер Афтер Хай

Fairy-tale boys and girls all have their own opinions, however, like ordinary teenagers. Among them there are those who are ready to continue the work of their parents, but there are others who do not like to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors. Conventionally, they are even divided within the walls of Ever After High into the Heirs and the Departed.

By the way, both of them can easily be understood. Naturally, being the daughter of Snow White or the descendant of the charming prince from Sleeping Beauty, it is easy to be an heir, but what about the one whose soul is drawn to the good and eternal, and by inheritance you have to be treacherous and vengeful? This is the fate that went to the daughter of the Evil Queen. Here she is just one of the most charming apostates who do not want to follow in the footsteps of her mother and be a poisoner. Adolescence is not an easy thing. Among the apostates can be found and children of goodies. For example, the charming Rapunzel has two daughters, one of whom honors the established order, and the second wants to redraw the world in his own way. So everything is not easy in the mysterious world of fairy tales Ever After High. But all the more interesting are the games that girls have to try.

The diverse world of the game Ever After High

It all started with the idea of ​​creating a new series of dolls. By themselves, Ever After High appeared relatively recently in mid-2013. Immediately along with the dolls, which are predicted in the future the popularity of the notorious Monster High, a number of cartoons, many pictures and computer games appeared.

Today, the games of Ever After High have become very popular among girls of different ages. With equal interest in the life of your favorite characters, not only preschool girls, but also older girls take part. That's just the game they choose different. And the choice here is excellent.

Игры Эвер Афтер Хай

Some girls are attracted to puzzles or drawing machines, others like games in which fairy tale characters need to change their wardrobe or put themselves in order by visiting a magical beauty salon, and some of the girls like to be mistresses of life and manage some or business, of course, choosing a beloved fairy-tale heroine as a companion. Among the games about Ever After High, there are a lot of decent games and quests. Fabulous pupils like to organize parties, and if necessary they cook themselves so that you lick your fingers. That's who is not proud of his origin and does not ask.

What you can learn

In the magical world of fairy tales, learning anything is cozy and comfortable. It is during the game that Ever After High opens up new horizons for girls. After all, some of the knowledge gained within the walls of the Long and Happily school can be applied in reality. For example, the rules of face care or makeup options can be useful to all girls without exception in everyday life. Skills in choosing clothes and accessories will not be superfluous for young women of fashion.

Together with students from Ever After High, in an easy and accessible form of the game, you can learn the color wheel, learn how to choose color combinations, master the game with light and shadow . Also, girls can learn a lot of interesting things in the field of cooking or learn how to make the necessary and important decisions in games where you need to develop your own business. In general, in the games, one way or another connected with training in Ever After High, there is a lot of useful and necessary. In addition, all these games are cute and kind.

Кстати, в школе Эвер Афтер Хай любая из девочек при желании может пройти тестирование и, ответив на несколько весьма интересных вопросов, узнать к какому типажу она относится. Так что для тех, кто посмелее, такой тест будет находкой, к тому же оглашать в слух волшебные результаты не обязательно. Можно все сохранить в тайне. В случае, когда предположения самих девочек не оправдаются можно отнестись к прохождению теста с долей юмора, все-таки это всего лишь игра. Милости просим в Школу Долго и Счастливо, с нетерпением ждем встречи!