Games Friends of the Angels

Игры Друзья ангелов картинка

                                   Here is the magnificent work of Italian animators, which first saw the light in 2009. The storyline was based on comics of the same name, which appeared two years earlier. The eternal struggle of good and evil. It would seem that here may be new? For those who decide to find out more, the answer will become obvious. Ahead of the audience are waiting for the most incredible adventures, both of angels and demons, always in close proximity to each other. This is just not very surprising, because there, above or below, the struggle for each of the human souls never stops. Games Friends of angels for girls and boys will tell even more about the adventures of the two races.

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Самое интересное о мире ангелов и демонов

The animated series Friends of Angels very quickly found fans around the world. Thousands of children and adolescents with undisguised interest are watching the adventures of their winged peers today, together with them they learn to love and hate, worry and sympathize. And the games Friends of Angels allow children to relive all the events of the cartoon even in a playful way, briefly becoming their favorite heroes.

In the upper world, everything is not arranged exactly like people have. Until a certain time, angels and demons live and are brought up in their cities, the atmosphere inside of which is somewhat similar to heaven and hell. Anji Town is very reminiscent of a modern paradise, in the devilish haven called Sulfuric city is full of smog and smoke, and hot lava instead of flowers flows underfoot.

Игры Друзья ангелов

When young city dwellers grow up they have to leave their habitat and familiar the situation in order to start training in a specialized school only at the end of which it will be possible to become a real Guardian Angel or Demon-Tempter.

It is the Golden School that is the place where the most interesting events of mu tfilma Friends angels. After all, the disciplines that young representatives of good and evil have to study are not at all like the usual lesson in mathematics or literature. Practical exercises take a lot of time in this training, for example, a lesson of diabolical angelic geography can be held in Paris museums, undergoing a transformation, that is, taking on a human form.

The hard way to human souls || | 551

Не смотря на то, что знания крылатые ученики получают разные, цель у них одна овладеть сознанием смертных и сделать так, чтобы последние приняли сторону добра или зла. Ангелы оберегают человека от опрометчивых поступков, а демоны, напротив, заставляют их совершать. За каждым смертным закреплена пара невидимых человеческому глазу существ, которые воздействуют на человека и стараются подтолкнуть его к принятию определенного решения.

At the same time, at the Golden School there are a number of restrictions and rules that complicate the task. Winged rivals can only act alternately. The right to take the first move is tedious in the challenge office, where there is a duel between a virtuous creature and a young adversary. In addition, one cannot do things for a person: one must be able to convince him of the right choice. At the same time, you can transform and become visible to a mortal and influence people already in a human form, pushing them to certain actions.

Not all are allowed to angels and demons

Being close all the time, young representatives of the two races do not have the right even to an elementary touch of each other. There are only 15 stars for beautiful angels, and 15 lightning bolts for charming demons, both of which can be equated to 15 earth years. Youth takes its course despite taboos and prohibitions; rules are sometimes violated. Such an innocent in terms of mere mortal deed in the world of the series Friends of Angels can have the most unpredictable consequences. After all, touching can be the first step towards the birth of a great and bright feeling, to which angels and demons simply do not have the right. But what, actually, is their fault? Just that they liked each other. The feelings that have arisen between the beautiful representative of the angels Raf and the charismatic young demon boy Sulfus are beautiful. The harder it is to realize that such love can lead to a catastrophe of universal proportions. The usual kiss of lovers almost cost the lives of all students and teachers of the Golden School and could temporarily even deprive them of their magical abilities. Incredible efforts were needed by Rough to rectify the situation and defeat the insidious sorceress - neutral Reina, who, taking advantage of the feelings that arose between the young people, simply used them to get out of the imprisonment.

Неужели любовь невозможна?

Раф и Сульфус – главные нарушители существующих запретов. Но в чем же, собственно их вина? Всего лишь в том, что они понравились друг другу. Чувства, возникшие между прекрасной представительницей ангелов Раф и харизматическим юношей-демоном Сульфусом прекрасны. Тем тяжелее осознавать, что такая любовь может привести к катастрофе вселенского масштаба. Обычный поцелуй влюбленных чуть не стоил жизни всем учащимся и учителям Золотой Школы и смог на время даже лишить их магических способностей. Неимоверные усилия понадобились Раф для того, чтобы исправить ситуацию и одолеть коварную колдунью — нейтрала Рейну, которая воспользовавшись чувствами, возникшими между молодыми людьми, просто использовала их для того, чтобы выйти из заточения.

Игры Друзья ангелов

Relations between the leaders of the angels and the demons are somewhat reminiscent of the immortal story of Romeo and Juliet. A young man and a girl cannot be together, but they cannot conceive of their existence without each other. In addition, the couple in love is always under the gun. Many people are trying to use the feelings of young people to achieve their selfish and base goals. Among these are even the directors of the Golden School.
The world has never seen such an unusual love story.

Can La Raf and Sulfus be together? What will defeat love or reason? Can young people find a way to love each other without upsetting the balance of good and evil in the universe? You will learn about all this by observing the ups and downs of the series and playing games friends of angels. To date, work on the creation of the cartoon continues to the already existing two seasons, consisting of 111 episodes, and very soon the animators promise to add about 50 more episodes of the full-length animated film. A fascinating viewing!