Pony Games Friendship is a miracle

Игры Пони Дружба это чудо картинка

                                   One of the most famous and popular heroes today, along with Winx, Monster High and Barbie, are little Ponies! They saw the light only a few years ago, but even for such a short period for cartoon characters, they could become mega-popular and acquire millions of fans not only among children, but also among adults. On the Internet it is fashionable to find thousands of communities in which people who call themselves Brony exchange beautiful pictures and stories about their favorite heroes. Free pony games friendship is a miracle for girls and boys, all horse lovers will like it.

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The origin of the series

The history of the series is mine little pony friendship this miracle begins as far back as the 1980s centuries have passed. At a time when even computers were far from every home, Hasbro released plastic toys intended for girls from 4 to 12 years old. These toys were quite large and were produced under the brand name “My Beautiful Pony”. You can’t download that such toys have become very popular. Because of their destiny for the smallest children, the horses did not have any small accessories, and also because of their large sizes they received not the most beautiful and elaborate appearance. Therefore, to play friendship, this pony miracle was not very interesting, but because of their originality, they were still in good demand.

Игры Дружба это чудо Пони

However, a series of new toys were released a little later, consisting of their cubs of the first series and called “My little ponies. " Due to their small size and stunning appearance, these toys become favorite not only among young girls, but also among older children, as well as even parents. In the future, the second series of toys very quickly eclipses the first, after which Hasbro decides not to release the ponies of the first version anymore and will focus on improving and adding new copies to the second. From 1981 to 1984, several different series were released, as well as more than 10 characters.

Going to the screens

But in 1984, My Little Ponies friendship this miracle came to TVs. The first episode of the series was released this year. It consisted of two parts and had a duration of 30 minutes. The cartoon was liked by young viewers, especially considering how popular the famous series became.

In 1986, the first full-length cartoon was released, and it was shown in cinemas around the world. Together with the cartoon, an additional toy was released, which was given when buying any two other ponies, thanks to which Hasbro managed to earn even more money. Also during these years, a whole show featuring favorite characters was shown on television. This show was released half an hour before the show of the next new series of the series and allowed the company to promote its other series. After all, this show was attended not by heroes from the beloved pony series, but other characters from other Hasbro series of toys. Since 1986, a huge number of new episodes of the cartoon have been released, and the popularity of the characters only grew. In addition to the figures, other paraphernalia was also released with the characters of the cartoon - t-shirts, shoes, school supplies, notebooks and even whole toy houses, allowing you to immerse yourself in a pony feast in real life.

Игры Пони Дружба это чудо

In 1992, Disney released the second series, consisting of several dozen episodes and telling about completely different heroes not familiar to the audience. The series was created for an older target audience and it raised very important issues for adolescents, such as attitude in the family, at school, friendship, love, enmity and the preservation of the riches of nature. Here, the ponies became noticeably older and went to school, and the world itself became much larger and many new characters appeared in it. However, even then those heroes about whom we will now speak have not yet appeared. Friendship games are a miracle of ponies, as well as a modern cartoon only saw the light of day in 2010, with the launch of a new, already third version of an animated series.

Pony friendship is a miracle - new adventures

The new, third version of the cartoon, was released on television on October 10, 2010. For this version, completely new characters were created, an original plot was invented, and a huge world full of ponies, as well as the target audience of the cartoon has changed very much. It is not known whether the developers of the series supposed or not such an event, but the animated series will gain enormous popularity not only among children, but also among a huge number of adults and adolescents. Thanks to the unique world, as well as very beautifully drawn, modern, charismatic ponies and a wonderful plot, the cartoon quickly became popular on the Internet and gained a lot of fans. The origin of the fan movement took place on such famous sites as DeviantArt, Reddit, 4chan, as well as on the popular blog platform Tumblr.

Дружба это чудо Пони

Also, other image boards took part in the birth of this movement. Gradually, the popularity of ponies grew so much that whole communities of people began to appear, calling themselves “Armor” and “Pegasister.” Brony (brother of a pony) - teenagers and adult men called themselves who carefully watched the emergence of new episodes of the series, condemned what was happening on the forums, painted pictures, wrote fanfiction and created a lot of other fan art. And Pegasister (Pegasus sister) - these are girls and women doing the same thing. Also, Brony and Pegasister are very fond of pony games, friendship is a miracle. They come together and play a variety of card arcades, cut into network arcades and even create their own mini games with their favorite characters.

Creating and plotting a new animated series

Decision to restart one of the most famous Hasbro took digging its projects back in 2007, and already in 2008 the active phase of project development began. And in October 2010, the world saw the first series, after just a few months, which became a hit, of the series Little Pony: Friendship is a miracle.

Дружба это чудо Пони

The plot of the cartoon develops around the main character with the name Twilight Sparkle. At the very beginning, Sparkle lives in the castle with the princess. She has no friends, and the only distinction and passion are books. For his young age, Sparkle has already read a lot of books and has knowledge in almost all areas of life, but she does not have enough experience. And the peace princess Equestria sends Sparkle and her assistant Spike to the city of Ponyville, giving her the task of finding friends and answering the question "what is friendship?" And so the adventures of our beloved ponies begin. In Ponyville, Sparkle makes her best friends, with whom she helps locals and tackles very important and even dangerous tasks. But when you play pony friendship is a miracle online on this page, you can control not only the Sparkle, but also the other characters of the cartoon.

Main characters

  • Twilight Sparkle - the main character series. The smartest and most diligent student in the kingdom. Thanks to reading a huge number of books, it has great magical potential, and is also good at flying. Due to the fact that this Sparkle spent almost all her childhood reading books, at the very beginning of the series she shows blacks of an asocial personality, it is difficult for her to converge with other ponies, and they also prefer books to their new friends. Over time, she nevertheless begins to value her friends and she has a desire to spend more and more time with them. But doubts about true friendship and its necessity nevertheless remain.
  • Spike is a small and funny little dragon, who was raised by Sparkle and whose responsibility is to help her in every way.
  • Applejack is always hungry and never an earth pony with the ability to fly and use magical abilities. A bit stubborn, but not proud, thanks to the fact that she spent her whole life on the farm, calmly relate to her appearance and is not afraid of dirty work.
  • Rainbow Dash - controls the weather in Ponyville, one of the most capable pony. Dash postpones all work to the last moment, however, he always correctly assesses his capabilities and does not go over the edge, doing all his work on time. When you open the online game pony friendship is a miracle, you can notice that Rainbow Dash is one of the most popular characters along with Sparkle.
  • Pinkie Pie is one of the most fun and energetic heroines of the series. Always ready for adventure. Pinkie Pie is very friendly and always ready to help her comrades, no matter how difficult they are.
  • Fluttershy - a very shy and always afraid of everything heroine, is a Pegasus, and therefore has the ability to fly through the air. Madly afraid of dragons, but other pets are indifferent.
  • Rarity - thanks to the ability of a unicorn, it has the ability to create spells. Very beautiful, elegant, as well as squeamish. She always wants to be in the center of attention, so she is trying to show her uniqueness and indispensability. He is engaged in fashion design in his own shop.

Well, that’s all the main characters, and with the rest of Equestria you can meet by playing arcades and adventure games on our site! Free online games friendship is a pony miracle for girls and boys will help not only to cope with boredom and have fun, but also learn to value real friends! Dress up your favorite heroes, help prepare food or cope with another difficult task. Games without cruelty and violence - that’s what girls and boys should be taught.