Mortal Kombat Games

Игры Мортал Комбат картинка

If you hear about fighting games, what picture pops up in your head? With great probability this picture will be from Mortal Kombat - one of the very first and most popular fighting simulators! The first part of the game was released back in 1992 and from that moment almost every year a new part of the series was released. Mortal Kombat games in this section are very similar to the famous series, with their gameplay with combinations of attacks and fatality, however, they are much inferior in graphic terms. But the ability to play online, right in the browser, makes them a great entertainment for owners of weak computers and laptops.

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История создания

Few people know that the famous Mortal Kombat was far from the first representative of the fighting genre. Long before its creation, in 1987, the game Street Fighter was released, which laid the foundation for the entire genre of fights. In Street Fighter, you played as a Japanese karateka who could carry out more than 15 combinations of attacks and had three single hits.

Игры Мортал Комбат

In 1991, the second part was released, different from the first, modified melee system, with new tricks, better graphics, the ability to select characters and other minor improvements. Thanks to the tremendous work done by its creators, the game received tremendous success and gave rise to many famous fighting games.

One of them was the game Mortal Kombat, which appeared in 1992. The development team borrowed most of the chips from Street Fighter II, but they also came up with their own innovations. For example, finishing off an adversary with a super kick appeared precisely in Mortal Kombat and became a hallmark of this series. In addition, the developers added the possibility of blocking enemy attacks and quick strikes that briefly slowed down your enemies. The new fighting game got characters that stand out from the total mass and have unique combat skills.