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Игры Драки картинка

                                   In the life of every boy, one day there comes a moment when you need to be able to fend for yourself, but not everyone is ready for this. And many, instead of defending themselves in real life, recoup on virtual rivals. It’s hard to say whether it’s good or bad, because thanks to fighting games, there is less violence in the world and children can vent anger in virtual reality without resorting to fights in real life, and on the other hand, at one point, the inability to fight and give back to nothing good will not. One way or another, on our site you can play fights online! Remember that in real life, it’s better to resolve the dispute by the world, rather than resort to fists.

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Игра Скандальная драка Scandalous fight
3.7 | || 509
Игра Побег из тюрьмы 2018 Prison Break 2018
4.4 || | 654
Игра Уличные драки Street fights
4.3 | || 755
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Драки в компьютерных играх

The genre of fights is one of the varieties of arcade games, but it has a number of distinctive features. Firstly, fighting games never use small arms and most often, all battles take place in hand-to-hand combat using techniques from various schools, ranging from boxing to karate and kung fu. Rights, sometimes in addition to fists, small objects can be used, like chairs, flower pots, anvils and sometimes even weapons - sabers, samurai swords, throwing knives and shurikens. Online fighting games are very dynamic and exciting battle simulators that will be most interesting because anyone can connect two joysticks to their computer and fight with their friends.

Игры драки

Screenshot from Mortal Kombat 2011, WB Games Chicago company.

A distinctive feature of some games is the presence of blood and rather cruel methods, so it is better to keep small and impressionable children away from this category. Although, of course, everywhere there are exceptions, and even in the category of fighting games, there are toys that are perfectly suitable for children 10-12 years old, blood and violence of which were completely cut out, and there are many, of course. But nevertheless, the ideal age for this category will be 14-16 years, when boys can already understand the difference between virtual space and the real world.

It should be noted that all games about fights are divided into two types:

Fights with arcade elements

This species is known under the rather bloodthirsty name “kill them all”. Here, you have not to fight with one enemy, but to destroy several, even weaker ones. Most often, in such games there is even a primitive plot, and the gameplay itself involves passing level after level of various locations populated by many enemies that need to be destroyed using wrestling techniques and sometimes improvised means. Such enemies most often do not even have a streak of life, and they are destroyed with just a few strokes, but because of their number, passing a level can be quite difficult.

Игра про драки

Screenshot from Mortal Kombat 2011, WB Games Chicago .

Each new section of the game will be more difficult than the previous one, since it will have stronger and better armed opponents. And also, at the end of the levels, there may be bosses, the destruction of which will remind you of the gameplay from standard fighting games, since the bosses will be almost equal in strength to you, and there will be a strip of health above their head. Usually, such arcades are made in 2D mode, but there are also 3D versions of games.


Unlike the previous view, here all battles take place only in a small, closed territory and not with several opponents, but with one that is either slightly weaker or equal in strength to your hero. It even happens that the opponent is stronger than your character and you can defeat him only using your intellect, but this is extremely rare. The gameplay in such fights most often consists of controlling a hero in 2d or 3d space, using the WASD keys or arrows and keys with various strokes, when pressed in a certain sequence, you get combinations or super strokes.

История разработки и появления

Interestingly, far from all fighting games for boys, there are many battle simulators made especially for girls! Well, now let's find out how this genre appeared! The first fighting games appeared on large slot machines that were widely used in countries such as the USA and Japan. It is noteworthy that in Japan, many locals still love to play fights and fighting games on such machines. The most famous and widespread series of this category can be called Mortal Kombat, which first entered the market in 1992 and quickly gained recognition among gamers from around the world thanks to several features inherent only in this series - for example, Fatalities crown stroke or well-developed character system. | ||

After Mortal Kombat took the top of the Olympus of the gaming industry, other developers began to produce clones and modified copies of this game, but they were widely used only in the Chinese market. By 1995, the Mortal Kombat series, which was improved and improved every year, appeared on consoles that came to us under the name Dandy. In the future, the series appeared on the Sony Playstation of the first generation. It’s on consoles that the fighting genre has become most widespread, thanks to convenient joysticks and the ability to fight with your friends over the same TV.