Games Dr. Plyusheva

Игры Доктор Плюшева картинка

                                   In childhood, almost everyone loves animals, some more, some less, but most want to take care of animals and take care of them. And girls, most often by care, mean treatment for various diseases. But not everyone can keep animals at home, so many parents are limited to toys. It was so in this cartoon, but it so happened that the main character, Dottie, learned to talk with toys and now she is trying in every possible way to help them. Dr. Plushev’s games for girls will tell you about Dottie’s new adventures and new toys that she will heal!

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Доктор Плюшева – добрый мультик для детворы

For those who have not played Dr. Plyusheva's games yet, we will tell you a little about the plot of the cartoon, as well as its main characters. Hearing the phrase "doctor plush," even a person ignorant of the memory pops up memories of childhood and their favorite toys. The teddy bear, however, not only him, but also many other representatives of the puppet fraternity, was given an honorable mission to be sick and recovered ten times a day.
This is the name of the animated series, created not without the participation of Walt Disney Studios and telling the world about a six-year-old girl who has been dreaming of becoming a doctor since childhood.

Игры Доктор Плюшева

And so, baby Dottie, she, the doctor Plush, dreams of following in the footsteps of her mother and devoting all my life medicine. All days she provides all possible assistance to toys. At the same time, she doesn’t care which one. Her patients are knights and dolls, all kinds of animals and cars. Exceptions cute baby does not for anyone. And if suddenly the disease turns out to be too serious, then even the help of the elders seeks advice.

Cartoons with the participation of a cute, naive girl evoke only positive emotions. They are instructive and positive in every way. The kids excitedly share with their peers the new achievements of Dr. Plush, and she perceives her good advice and instructions regarding a healthy lifestyle as a guide to action.
These cartoons saw the light not so long ago, in March 2012, and the impression is created such that they come from childhood. There are no many special effects and a twisted plot in them, there is only all-consuming kindness, cheerful music and a cute girl who dreams of being a doctor.

What helps the girl to be an excellent doctor

An inquisitive mind, a desire to help others and the ability to understand the language of toys, this is what every day brings Dr. Plyushev closer to fulfilling his cherished desire. And the matter of Dotti is very responsible. She even has a large bo-bo book, which is a cross between a medical reference book and a catalog of case histories of cured patients. True, any of the diagnoses included in this book has a somewhat naive name, but for the children it immediately becomes clear and understandable what exactly the patient was sick with and what, in fact, was the essence of the treatment and the elimination of the breakdown itself. Here are just a few of them: gryazyukis-mazyukis, prickly throat, flew off cathectosis, acceleratis, zavodilozaklenity. Agree, on the one hand, it is childishly naive, and on the other, simple and clear.

Игры Доктор Плюшева

To be on equal footing with the inhabitants of the world of toys the girl is helped by a stethoscope presented by her mother, which, by a lucky chance, turned out to be magical. One has only to put it on and immediately it becomes clear what toy friends are talking about.
The girl was very lucky with her family. Parents support her endeavors in everything. Mom often gives her daughter certain medical instruments, dad helps with repairs from time to time, and the younger brother seeks help and listens to his sister in everything. By the way, for the patient’s reception, the girl’s everything is equipped in a small garden house, which is also a clinic for receiving patients.

Great helpers are good friends

The doctor is plush, not only patients don’t quite ordinary, but also helpers too. All of them are toys, and mostly plush, but, despite this, each of them knows how to truly be friends, come to the rescue and try to help his neighbor.
Halley's plush hippo helps her young mistress in everything, happily fulfilling the duties of a nurse. During Dottie’s absence, she sometimes even peers into a big bo-bo book.

A cute blue dragon named Staffy always tries to become the bravest of her brethren, but often fails. Despite this, the most charismatic Lammy sheep in the world, ready to hug everyone living on the earth, if necessary, shows clear sympathy for him.

In this friendly company, there is a plush snowman Chilli, who sometimes starts to get nervous, completely forgetting that he really cannot melt.

A group of friends is always sincerely glad to see her beloved mistress. And he hurries to take a direct part in the treatment of patients. Getting together, friends spend time to good use. They like to have fun and sing something, listen with pleasure to Dottie's instructions and try to follow them in everything.

So are the small spectators, who are many today. Leaving the child alone with Dotti can be absolutely calm. Cartoons and games Dr. Plyusheva, in addition to receiving positive emotions, helps to teach kids even more respect for their own toys. While exploring the series, the kids have a great opportunity to get a lot of useful and useful tips.