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Игры Девушки Эквестрии картинка

                                   More recently, in 2010, an updated version of the series was released about one of the most famous series of My Little Pony toys, and from that moment on, popularity began to grow at an unbelievable pace. And so, in 2013, a full-length film appears, which tells about how Sparkle gets from Equestria’s native country into a parallel world and becomes an ordinary girl. In this parallel world, Sparkle meets his former friends, who, truth, do not even know about the existence of parallel universes and live their peaceful lives. Free online games girls Equestria pony friendship is a miracle for girls will appeal to all fans of the series.

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Как появились на свет Девушки Эквестрии

Many young lovers of the animated series "My Cute Ponies - Friendship is a Miracle", as well as just pony fans, believe that Equestria Girls are an ordinary full-length addition to the series and they appeared according to the will of the scriptwriters, but the history of their appearance is much more interesting; you just need to look a little deeper.

The Hasbro company, which is the creator and owner of all the rights to the series “My Cute Ponies,” was founded back in 1923 and in the beginning it produced only school supplies. Hasbro was engaged in the creation of colorful pencils, pens, pencil cases, plasticine and other little things. However, noting that colorful pictures with painted characters began to gain popularity and grew into a whole series of school supplies, the company gradually began to change its course of development and began to create a variety of toys. Until 1952, Hasbro was released a lot of different toys. They were plastic dolls and soft teddy bears and even bouncy castles. The company was developing, but it could not be said that at least one of the series was a great success. And only in 1952 a unique toy of its kind was created, called "Mr. Potato Head." It was starting with this toy that the popularity of the company loved by many children went uphill. Later, two more very popular series also appeared, one “My Little Ponies” for girls and the second “Transformers” for boys.

Игры девушки Эквестрии: Пони дружба это чудо

But how is all this connected with the new series, because the dolls, series and games of Equestria Girls: pony friendship is a miracle that appeared much later and have nothing to do with what happened in the company in the middle of the 20th century. It turns out to be connected. In 1945, it entered the market, and subsequently another toy company, Mattel, quickly gained popularity. Since the 1960s, a serious confrontation has begun between the two largest toy manufacturers Mattel and Hasbro. However, Mattel specialized specifically in dolls, while her rival was releasing other products. Therefore, Mattel very quickly pulled ahead in this market, especially after the creation of the most popular series "Barbie" and "High Monster School". In the market of dolls similar to people, the creators of Equestria Girls have always been in second place and have not been able to create a single series that has won much success.

Игры девочки из Эквестрии

And then the updated in 2010 series of pony toys friendship comes onto the scene which is becoming very popular again. Pony figurines scatter like hotcakes, and they are bought not only by children, but also by many adults. However, the figures cannot compete with the doll market. And of course, corporation marketers have a desire to create Mattel competition. And so begins the development of a feature film, dolls and a computer game for a girl from Equestria. At the very beginning, it was planned that due to the popularity of the series, the new project would be able to compete with Barbie, however, due to the fact that it was necessary to maintain similarity with the pony, the dolls could not be like ordinary people and had to be painted in different colors. So there was a new competitor to the popular Monster High series.

Creating a film and its continuation

A full-length animated film about Equestria Girls was released in June 2013, and thanks to an active advertising campaign, also the army of fans of the cartoon "My Little Ponies", brought its creators a good income. Moreover, the income came not only from showing films in cinemas, but also from the sale of toys and various souvenir products. Thanks to this film, the popularity of Hasbro dolls even overshadowed their main competitor, Monster High, for some time. True now, the monsters nevertheless again broke into the lead. This is due to the fact that new films have not yet been released, and the old one is gradually being forgotten. True, fans still have the opportunity to play Equestria Girls: My Little Pony online on a variety of sites. And also, the sequel has already been announced, which is due out in autumn 2014.


The connection between the original version of the animated series about Equestria with a full-length film is very insignificant. However, the story’s application begins in the pony world when Sunset Shimmer (Sparkle’s main rival) steals the princess’s crown, without which the defense of the fairyland is very weak. During the battle and Sparkle, this crown falls into the mirror, which miraculously turns out to be a portal to another world. After Sunset Shimmer notices that the crown enters the portal, she jumps after her, and there is nothing left for Sparkle, along with her faithful assistant Spike, how to move from Equestria to another world. After moving through the portal, we understand that our heroes are in a parallel world in which ponies live together. And so begins the adventures of Sparkle in human guise.

Well, after watching the movie, all the free games of the girl from Equestria are available for you: pony friendship is a miracle that is posted on this page. Play with your friends and create new virtual worlds with your favorite characters!