Archery Games

Игры Cтрельба из лука картинка

Boys love weapons. Of course, many people prefer pistols, but some like other types - a crossbow, a slingshot or a bow. For such young talents, they also came up with archery games, allowing you to practice accuracy and shooting down all targets. Do you like playing with these old-time weapons? Then you are definitely at the address.

Managing small arms is rather difficult, even though online games are imprisoned for different levels of gamers. It requires a large concentration, precise aiming and hardness of the hand, allowing you to hit directly into the bullseye. Do not be discouraged, but you will have to spend 15-20 minutes in training. Bow games are diverse, there are arcades, shooters and rpg games, many arcades of the ricochet genre. The most popular series: Gallows and Stickman. New applications can boast of high-quality 3D graphics.

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