Games Treasures of Montezuma

Игры Cокровища Монтесумы картинка

Do you know who Montezuma is? We offer a small excursion - this is the medieval ruler of the ancient Aztec tribe. He was unimaginably rich, leaving behind his accumulated treasures and treasures. Now many dream of finding and possessing them. You are not Indiana Jones, and it’s too early to go on a real search. But you don’t have to try to look for this treasure, and you don’t have to go to foreign countries, just start the Montezuma treasure games.

It’s easy to play - these are arcades 3 in a row. Collect valuable stones of the same colors together, they will disappear from the field, and you will be awarded points. The more stones you remove, the larger your winnings will become. Hurry, these same hunters for profit the whole Internet. Can you become the best in the game about the treasures of Montezuma and surpass all rivals?

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