Spider-Man Games

Игры Человек Паук картинка

                                   There were comics in the beginning. It all started with them. Comics gave the world a spiderman, a fearless and fair superhero, always in a hurry to fight any manifestations of injustice. Today, few have ever heard of a spider about a human being. They first talked about him in the 60s of the last century and since then have not stopped doing this. Since the 60s, many cartoons, comics, and films have been released, and Spider-Man free online games are released every few months. Who is he, the protagonist of numerous comics and series, as well as feature films, whose popularity does not fade away?

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О главном герое

During the existence of Peter Parker, and that is the name of the protagonist, he managed to try on the role of a nerd-high school student, a timid student, an incompletely self-confident teacher, in in general, whoever he was, but at the same time he always remained primarily a man, and then a superhero.

After half a century, one of the The final copies of the first comic book story about Spider-Man were sold to a collector who wished to remain anonymous for $ 1.1 million. And who knows what else admirers and admirers of the superhero will be able to do in the future, because this story had a beginning, but there is no end to it. Cartoons, series, feature films to this day are restarted with enviable constancy, not ceasing to please Spiderman fans. And despite the fact that the first of the films about Spider-Man was not very well received by film critics, his success among fans of the superhero exceeded all expectations, and almost every child played games about Spider-Man.

Игры Человек Паук

Вскоре после первого фильма, увидевшего свет в 2002 году, появился второй (2004), а затем и третий (2007). Перезапуска кинокомиксов тоже не пришлось ждать долго. Новый Человек Паук явился свету в 2012 году, продолжение приключений зрители увидели в 2014, в самом ближайшем будущем планируется выход еще двух частей фантастических приключений супергероя, изобилующих современными спецэффектами. А кроме этого создатели обещают выпустить еще и полнометражный фильм «Зловещая шестерка» в котором все враги супергероя объединятся для борьбы с ним. Игры Человек Паук тоже очень популярны, и за последние десять лет их было выпущено около сотни.

What spider-man is capable of

Where does an ordinary person come from, like Peter Parker was at first, abilities that were not common to ordinary people appeared. The fault of all, and in our case the beginning of the adventure, was the bite of a spider, who escaped from one scientific laboratory that conducted research in the field of genetics. It was such a seemingly unremarkable event that formed the basis of this whole story.

The spider instinct, the ability to move on vertical surfaces, incredible dexterity and jumping ability all of these qualities at once became possessed by a mere mortal, not quite successful, not always self-confident, trying to combine his studies with work not for the sake of idle pleasure, and then, to help your aunt make ends meet. At the same time, the young man is talented and hardworking, he is erudite and well-read, and his knowledge in the field of physics and chemistry is enough to create a web with which you can quickly move from one place to another. It was the possibility of flying with a web from one building to another that became the crown chip of computer games.

The high moral values ​​of Peter Parker, who is always faced with a choice, do not allow Spider-Man to commit rash acts. And sometimes it is very difficult to choose. In order to save loved ones and relatives, children and destitute, to restore justice, this person is ready for a lot. And the villains trying to stop him and deal with him, not only physically but also morally, always put the hero before a choice. And if on one side of the scale is the life of a beloved girl, and on the other life of children who are in a locked bus at an incredible height, then you need to try your best to prevent anyone's life from breaking off. And you need to try first of all for their sake, and not for your own triumph.

Игры Человек Паук

Yes, millions are watching the actions of Spider-Man. From below, as a rule, a crowd of people is fascinated at what is happening, pouring oil into the fire of the press, constantly wondering who Spider-Man is, an enemy or a friend. In this case, by and large, the truth is not important to the editor-in-chief, he just needs another sensation. That's why the superhero’s good intentions are being questioned all the time. Even the attitude of the guardians of order towards him is ambiguous. And all this despite the fact how much Spider-Man makes for the city and its inhabitants.

Bringing to the editorial office another photo of Spider-Man, and this is one of Peter Parker's income sources, which, it would seem , if desired, he can afford absolutely everything, a young man does not always know what kind of content the article will be placed next to the photo. After all, the press still doesn’t care which of the sensations to make money on.

Who are they, opponents of Spiderman? thanks to his experiments and oversight of laboratory staff, by and large, Peter became the owner of superpowers. The green goblin is also endowed with a spider instinct, but unlike Peter, he is greedy and ambitious, angry and vindictive. In games, the green goblin is also one of Peter Parker's main opponents.

  • Самым главным злодеем является Зелёный Гоблин, он же отец Гарри Озборна, это именно благодаря его экспериментам и недосмотру персонала лаборатории по большому счету Питер и стал обладателем сверхспособностей. Зеленый гоблин тоже наделен паучьим чутьем, но в отличии от Питера он жаден и честолюбив, зол и мстителен. В играх зеленый гоблин также является одним из основных противников Питера Паркера.
  • Dr. Octopus is a crazy scientist who once dreamed of making the whole world happy with his discoveries and giving humanity the opportunity to use their arms and legs that had grown over again. An evil genius who paid for his not entirely successful experiments with his reason and turned into a monster himself.
  • Venom (aka Eddie Brock), who did not have much love for Peter in normal life, as his reporter career was ruined Peter Parker. It was this man who was chosen by the alien villain who settled inside the correspondent for reprisal against the superhero.
  • Sandman (aka Flint Marko) - an escaped criminal who accidentally fell into a secret base and turned into a monster that could crumble into dust and resurrect from sand grains, while reaching incredible sizes. It will be most interesting to play Spider-Man against this adversary.
  • An electro-villain who knows how to control electricity, who in normal life was an ordinary gray mouse, a modest, harmless and trouble-free employee.

Friendly neighbor or superhero

Good and decent, sometimes even too much, a young man lives a double life. Even his aunt even does not know that Spider-Man, whose incredible deeds are sometimes told in the news by none other than her nephew, who is in love with a neighbor in one of the films, and with another classmate or the daughter of the police chief. Needless to say, trying to combine personal life with a superhero career is not an easy task. We will not compare in detail the first film adaptation of the stories about Spider-Man and the restart of these adventures, it is better to see all this yourself. And the Spider-Man games have even more dissimilar and unrelated plots.

We only note that Peter’s relationship with the girls develops differently, because young people who are the subject of Spiderman’s love prefer films in some films Peter, and in others to his friend Harry Osborn. In any case, there is intrigue, which means it is interesting to observe the events. But the showdown with villains in all films without exception goes to Spider-Man.