Games Homeless Hobo

Игры Бомж Хобо картинка

Do you wonder how the homeless live? These are not cartoon characters or TV series actors. People who have lost their homes are experiencing great hardships, are constantly starving, forced to exist as they have to, just to survive. Games Homeless Hobo - about one of these characters. Suppose his life is a little better than in reality, but this does not negate the obvious fact: the guy has no home and is not in sight, which means he has to fight and survive every day.

Character Hobo Bum - dirty man, with unwashed hair, got into trouble. You have to play for him. Now Hobo is ready to kill anyone who gets in his way, and at the end of the game he will fight with God himself. A series of arcades consists of 6 parts; Try to play each of the proposed simulations homeless. Not the most joyful game, but it helps to plunge into the world of the homeless with a head.

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