Games Operations

Игры Операции картинка

                                   Many girls love treating very much. Previously, from a very young age, they asked their parents to buy special doctor sets for them, but now this is no longer necessary. Due to the huge number of games, girls can try themselves in absolutely any profession, including the profession of a doctor. And online games operations for girls and boys, translated into Russian and which can be played for free on this page, allow you to do virtual operations thanks to which children learn what the human body is and receives extensive knowledge of anatomy, combined with an exciting game process .

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Игры про операцию станут началом карьеры будущего медика

There are many games related to the treatment of patients today. Everyone and everyone is trying to treat today. The youngest gamers like to actively participate in the healing process of their favorite dolls or fairytale cartoons, but for those who are older, more like adult games. A special place among these is occupied by simulators of virtual operations. Here you can test your own stamina and determination, endurance and self-control. Yes, and the game itself of such a plan cannot be taken seriously or responsibly.

The games are largely aimed at making tomorrow's students understand how realistically they see themselves in the role of a physician. After all, playing in the children's sandbox at Doctor Aibolit is one thing, and deciding to pick up a real scalpel with a clamp and begin to cut the virtual body, even though it is well aware that you are acting for the good of the patient is completely different.

В реальной жизни с проведением операций сталкиваются не только доктора, для того, чтобы за всем проследить и на малейшие изменения в состоянии пациента отреагировать своевременно, четко и быстро нужно иметь сплоченную команду, друг друга понимающую не то чтобы с полуслова, а даже с полувзгляда. Вот почему в операционной вместе с оперирующим врачом находятся еще операционная медсестра, анестезиолог, кардиолог, а в ряде случаев еще и несколько ассистентов.

Excellent preparation

First of all, you need to know that the faint of heart such simulators are too tough. Kids in them, too, should not participate. But for those girls who decided to devote themselves to medicine, such games will bring invaluable benefits. In the game form, here you can get acquainted with many of the nuances of the future profession in general and operations in particular. Moreover, the most important thing that everyone needs to learn is the fact that only the operating room can be the venue for such a procedure. Here, clean, sterile, always at hand there is a mass of tools that may be needed in a particular situation and of course all the necessary equipment. It should be remembered that any negligence can become fatal, because nothing is at stake, but human life.

Игры Операции

Due to the fact that almost all of the games are in Russian, girls can easily understand where they made a mistake and how to correctly perform one or another action. A lot of attention here is paid to knowledge of anatomy and biology, and it is precisely these subjects, and even chemistry, for those who decide to become a health worker are the most important. In a form that is understandable for girls and boys, you can learn about the structural features of various organs and the skeleton, what pressure the patient should have during the operation, even why the results of analyzes are very important for its successful conduct.

Тут же девочки знакомятся и с наборами необходимых инструментов. О существовании и скальпеля, конечно же, все знали и до этого, и для чего именно он нужен, тоже догадывались. А вот с тем же зажимом не все так просто. Судя по названию, эта штука должна бы была что-то зажимать, но во время оперативного вмешательства именно при помощи зажима приоткрывают разрез, чтобы обеспечить лучший доступ к больному органу. Используются здесь и другие инструменты, названия которых для многих знакомы, но вот о том, что в медицине им применение находится, осведомлены далеко не все.

Игры Операции

There are electrodes and a screwdriver here, and even saw with a drill, but such a tool has nothing to do with construction, but during the operation it can even come in handy. For example, with the help of an electrode, blood is stopped at the site of dissection of soft tissues, and holes are made in the bone with a specific drill to fix special plates and fix broken bones in the necessary position if necessary.

How the games are arranged

On-line today, you can take a direct part in the operation to remove appendicitis or help a patient who has a fragment fragmentation fracture. You can even join the work of neurosurgeons. In addition, any girl can have a general idea about the surgical intervention in her eyes and heart.

The games themselves operations are arranged in such a way that you are always led on the right path. And if in order to properly collect the broken bone, first you need to take an x-ray, then it will be so. No one is allowed, even when playing, to expose patients to undue risk. Even the choice of the location of the procedure in the games was given special attention, because they are equipped differently.

It’s just interesting what heights the greatest Russian surgeon N.I. Pirogov, who was the founder of the Russian military field surgery, have he access to such computer simulations. Once this particular person, who lived and worked back in the 18th century, first applied anesthesia on the battlefield and became the author of the first atlas on topographic anatomy.

For those who today decided to devote their future to medicine, games about surgery will be very useful. Being a doctor is a vocation, and a good doctor is talent, and talents, as you know, need to be helped always and in everything. And it is still unknown what heights tomorrow those who devote their free time to surgery games can learn tomorrow, learning a lot of valuable and useful things about the work of real doctors.