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Игры Больница картинка

                                   At a time when computers were not as popular as they are now, many girls dreamed of receiving a set of a doctor as a gift for the New Year or Birthday, allowing them to open their clinic and treat toys, pets and even their brothers and sisters. The desire of girls to become a doctor has not changed now, but the time has changed and now it can be done much easier. Hospital games for girls allow not only treating patients by listening to their heartbeat and prescribing medications, but also performing virtual operations, applying gypsum and even making an injection. In addition, you can find simulators in which you need to save a person's life using a defibrillator.

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Игра Рождение малыша Birth of a baby
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Игра Врач Doctor
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Игры про больницу – первый шаг к милосердию

Treating ordinary people or even your favorite cartoon characters is very fun and pleasant, because in the end you see that those who you have cured become happy. Hospital games for girls and boys are a favorite pastime of the younger generation. Yes, and how could it be otherwise, if with a good doctor and a patronage nurse, babies encounter diapers. That is why one of the first toys for role-playing games in girls is often just a set of medical instruments. The desire to help someone else is so great that in the house they treat almost everyone, from plush and rubber toys to younger brothers and sisters, and if you're lucky, even to their parents.

Игры Больница
That is why, among girls of the younger generation, games about the hospital are especially popular. There are many, they are different, but each in its own way teaches to take care of others. Such games are interesting not only for the smallest gamers, but also for older children. Toddlers prefer treating their favorite doll or some fairy-tale characters, while older adults who love medicine are interested in communicating with virtual patients. All kids, without exception, play games for the smallest, and even in the presence of their parents.

Little girls first have to explain that the bunny’s ear hurts and the teddy bear’s tummy, for example. It is very interesting to watch your own baby, who not only learns to understand someone else’s pain and love others, but is also very proud of the results achieved. It is at such moments that children begin to realize that the doctor hurts precisely in order to cure and alleviate the suffering of those who turned to him for help. And if for this you need to make an injection or dressing, the baby is happy to perform these manipulations.

Types of games

As a rule, games for older girls give more preference than boys. In many cases, the player will have to be a quick and knowledgeable nurse, helping patients in finding the right doctors and cleverly coordinating the action of patients. At the same time, you need to understand the problems and complaints of those who asked for help. Some should be taken for massage, while others should be shown where the X-ray room is. Among those who are sick, there are those who need an examination of not one specialist, but several. This is where the fun begins. After all, there are many patients in the virtual hospital and all of them require attention. And the nurse has to run between them, try to help everyone and do everything possible to ensure that the assistance provided is timely and highly qualified.

Everything is here, as in a real hospital. A lot, if not all, in the walls of a virtual medical institution begin to get nervous with a minimal hitch. You can understand the patients. One has a stomach ache, another does not give rest to a toothache, and the third shoots in the ear. Standing in line in a similar situation is reluctant to anyone. So the kind sweet girl is forced to spin like a squirrel in a wheel.

Features of patients in a virtual hospital

Remember, any of the patients will not take a step without your help. Well, it will not work in the game to send someone to wander along the corridors on their own in search of the right specialist. You take everyone for examination and injections, an ultrasound scan, an X-ray room and a laboratory for testing. Even the Rhodesal and the pharmacy are no exception. It’s good that some patients can be left with the doctor to immediately run for the next. But there are those who need to be transferred from floor to floor, and literally by the hand to drive from one specialist to another.

Игра про больницу
If you happen to be in the elevator without a patient, you have to come back for him. And the faster you do it, the better. After all, sick people are very vulnerable and begin to get nervous extremely quickly. Convenient is that you can always use the tips. Often these tips are given in the form of pictures with the image of the necessary medical equipment or directly sore spot. And then what good, a person with a sick ear can mistakenly be put in the dentist’s chair.

Gameplay and control

Management in games of this kind is very simple. You need to use the mouse as quickly as possible, and the patients will be satisfied. Be sure to consider this: each of those who come to the hospital is waiting for your attention. And if you are on one floor, and patients on another, then trying to move them from their place is simply useless. They will be stubbornly confronted with the doctor they need, will be angry and nervous, but the treatment process will only begin when the client can get the cherished appointment with the doctor. However, as soon as the nurse leaves the elevator, patients become obedient and manageable.

Sometimes girls have to deal with the placement of patients. Those who are cured leave, and in their place new sick people arrive. For them, you need to remake the bed on time and give the tablets if necessary. In general, there is always plenty of work in the hospital. There are many chambers, everyone needs to be approached, no one should be deprived of attention, everyone should be helped.

Helping one's neighbor is a great art. And the hospital games for girls help to understand its basics. During the game, children learn for the first time to sympathize and worry, to provide assistance to those who need it so much. For many, such games are the first conscious step to choosing a future profession. And even if you have to start working in a virtual hospital, the main thing here is the desire to be useful and necessary.