Pregnant Games

Игры Беременные картинка

                                   The birth of a new person is very exciting. It is no less touching to watch future mothers. Do not believe it, check it yourself, but the Pregnant games will help in this. Replenishment awaits princesses and fairies, mermaids and stars. Some of the girls in the position worry that the crumbs will get more vitamins, others care about their own appearance, and someone continues to work hard. All girls need care and attention.

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Беременные бывают разными, игры про них тоже

Many people have the happiness of becoming a mother. Being in a position, the girls continue to live a normal life, except that at the same time they require from time to time increased attention to their own person. And for this they have every reason. And if the pregnant women are different, then the games with their participation are not the same. There are mahjongs, puzzles, many suggestions on caring for the appearance, creating a fashionable image.

Игры Беременные

Some pregnant women can not do without shopping, others require attention and invite guests. Girls visit the pool, go to the solarium, to the beautician, all without exception visit a doctor and monitor how their pregnancy proceeds and the baby develops. And then, in due time, give birth. All this is just reflected in the games.

It’s always important to be beautiful

Pregnant girls are very demanding on their appearance. Everything seems to them that they somehow do not look very good. But in games it’s quite not an ordinary person. Here you can meet princesses, mermaids, fairies and sorceresses, extravagant girls Monster High and a lot of painfully familiar characters who decided to extend the genus, while sometimes far from human.

In such games, pregnant women will need to choose makeup and hairstyle, as well as a stylish wardrobe. Find not only color combinations that will help distract attention from temporary changes in the figure, but also suitable styles. By the way, be prepared for the fact that some of the girls will, on the contrary, want to tell the whole world that they are waiting for a replenishment and demonstrate their grown tummy.

During the game, pregnant women do not mind looking for new clothes in stores on their own. In this case, you will need to coordinate their actions and help with the choice.

Taking care of the baby

In many proposals, you will have to assume the role of a caring doctor and nanny in combination. During pregnancy, it is very important to observe the regimen, eat right, visit a doctor on time, so that he can observe how the child develops. During the game, you will have to prepare freshly squeezed juices and salads for pregnant girls, force them to take vitamins and go for examinations in a timely manner.

Игры Беременные

Inspection in the virtual world is not much different from the present. At the reception, pregnant women will have to measure temperature and pressure, listen to the heart, weigh, measure the stomach and do an ultrasound. Typically, the gameplay of such games is designed so that you can quite easily understand the sequence in which you need to act. Part of games of this kind consists of several stages. In this case, everything can begin by taking vitamins and feeding a girl in a position, continue going on an examination and end in childbirth. It goes without saying that the newborn will have to be reassured immediately, put on and show the happy mother. By the way, childbirth in water is quite popular in the virtual world.

Why such games are useful

From early childhood, girls begin to try on the role of mother. First, they play with small dolls and raise dolls, then mother and daughter. Now girls have the opportunity to learn in a playful way how to behave in anticipation of a long-awaited baby.

During the game, pregnant women lead an active lifestyle, do not lose confidence, find classes to their liking, develop and along with this, they take care of the crumb inside, protecting and protecting it in every possible way. Games of this kind will help girls to realize that being pregnant is not so bad, even despite the fact that the figure temporarily deteriorates somewhat. An optimistic attitude is very important for future mothers, there should be no complexes about temporary changes in pregnant women.