Games Barboskiny

Игры Барбоскины картинка

                                   This cartoon about dogs was released recently, but in just a few years it has become very popular among children from 3 to 12 years old! Perhaps the main advantage of this cartoon is that it was invented and painted entirely in Russia, so there will be no cruelty in it, and the idea of ​​the series is to maintain family values. A kind cartoon about the dog family has become so popular that now, in addition to watching all the series, you can play Barboskina games for girls and boys for free right on the Internet! True, the choice of these games will be quite limited and most of them will be puzzles, but we hope that in the future, the number of arcades will increase.

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Барбоскины – дружная семья

There is no doubt that dogs are a friendly people. Extra proof of this is the animated series Barboskiny. Since 2011, the Studio Mill has already released about 130 episodes, each of which tells about those or other adventures of the famous canine family. During this time, a fun little family managed to fall in love with many. There are hardly anyone who has never heard of their existence. And in addition to watching the cartoon, many "advanced" children have long played Barboskina games on their computers. Well, now let's find out what kind of family it is and what makes it remarkable.

Игры Барбоскины

Nobody will call the Barboskins' dwelling a place to call a dog kennel. Everything is stylish and civilized. Children, and there are five of them in the family, well-fed, dressed, shod and fed, each of them is allowed to develop in their own direction. In general, many people could envy them.

  • Dad is an advanced dog, having a prestigious job even by human standards, one bitten bone on his laptop is worth it. The eternal employment of the father of the family is understandable. To feed such a horde of kids and give them a decent education and upbringing, you need to work hard and hard. That is why, even in the evenings, dad does not part with his phone and computer. Moreover, he is simply sure that all good deeds are done just like that and happily teaches the good to his children.
  • Mom is an excellent housewife, affectionate and caring, creative person who has been dreaming of a movie star career since her youth. After participating in the commercial, I am firmly convinced that her acting star is about to light up.
  • The grandfather of funny tomboys is a retired old sea wolf who does not very often please the audience with his presence. He knows a lot, knows everything, all tailed grandchildren are proud of his military past and take an example from his grandfather.

A little about the younger generation of the Barboskins

All children in the family are completely different. At the same time, each of them is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of his neighbor. Let's get to know them better.

  • Rosa is the oldest of the children, a student of grade 9. Glamorous blonde, stylish and fashionable. He is engaged in diligently, along with studies, devotes a lot of time to his appearance. Like her mother, she dreams of an acting career. She dances well, keeps track of all the latest in fashion, and knows how to sew. Likes to be in sight. Knows what looks attractive. With all this, I’m ready to give the dearest to save my neighbor. Even with false nails, she was able to sacrifice, when it was necessary to find a worthy argument, in order to dissuade Brother Gena from the dangerous search for a snowman in the Himalayas. The main disadvantage of Rosa can be called the fact that like almost any girl, she does not have high intelligence and sometimes gets into very stupid situations.
  • The friend is the eldest of the brothers, studying in grade 7. Slightly lazy, does not like to be engaged. Instead of studying, the Friend constantly plays games, which upsets parents very much. At the same time, he is very kind and resourceful. His lively character, excessive curiosity and a tendency to adventure often lead to minor troubles. He is fond of sports, can not imagine life without football. Dreams of an athlete's career. His idol is the famous Mukhtar Arshavkin.
  • Gene is a fifth grader, a puppy from the category of nerds, phlegmatic, obsessed with science, dreams of receiving the Nobel Prize and worldwide recognition. From time to time pleases others with their discoveries. For the sake of science, I am ready to participate in the most dangerous and adventurous projects. Sometimes she does lessons for Rosa, though not for free, but for sweets. Sometimes he also misses, well, think of it, he mixed up the stage gas with helium, well, it happened by accident, and the mistake was immediately corrected.
  • Lisa is a third-grader. Red-haired charm with beautiful greenish eyes. A passionate, versatile person. He has his idol, Jeanne Pussy, which is in every way admired. Without a doubt, Lisa wants to become a singer and become the most popular not only in her city, but throughout the country. However, due to her slightly burry voice, she doesn’t succeed, because of which she greatly complements. He believes in horoscopes. He loves to tell everyone about everything, this is what causes her and her instructors, from time to time, some trouble. So the desire to bring to clean water Druzhka with the help of truth candies ends in complete failure and turns against Lisa herself.
  • The kid is still a preschooler. Cute fair and honest puppy. Favorite of the whole family. Kind and reasonable. Selfless and naive. When he returned the sisters a soccer ball just like that, they were really ashamed. She dreams of hiring a younger brother or sister as soon as possible so that she could pass on to her precious experience in tying shoelaces. The kid loves to play with other Barboskins and is always glad when he has such an opportunity.
  • Timokha is a neighbor, family friend, and Rose’s secret admirer. I am very grateful to my friend Druzhka for meeting my sister. He is fond of sports, is trying in every possible way to attract the attention of the girl and, of course, hopes for reciprocity. As soon as he does not try to be noticed. And the rap in front of her performs pop music, even dressed as a Mexican, but all to no avail. But once a sweet brain bone breaks off for him.

The everyday life of a dog family, their ability to adequately get out of difficult everyday situations, get along and agree among themselves, timely substitute for a friend who is in trouble not only a shoulder, but also all four paws and even the tail, if necessary, made the Barboskin's favorites of the public.

Игры Барбоскины

And although it is believed that this animated series is aimed at preschool children, older children and even adults can watch it for hours on end. These cute dogs teach us humanity and kindness, sincerity and decency. It’s fun with them, it’s funny with them, it’s always interesting with them. And the online games Barboskins from this section will help children develop their logic and have fun with a fun dog family!