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Игры Барби картинка

It’s hard even to imagine, times when the world did without Barbie. It is not surprising, but this is perhaps one of the few cases when the doll first appeared, and then a lot of incredible stories about it. Now the world famous Barbie is just over half a century. That is why there are so many stories about the most incredible doll adventures. Today you can see many cartoons, full-length animated films and games featuring the heroine. And free online Barbie games for girls are so popular that every self-respecting princess plays in them.

Today, there are more than twenty full-length cartoons with this heroine, as well as animated series. Many of them saw the light at the turn of the century. So in 2001 a story appeared about the Nutcracker, after it in 2002 about friendship with a dragon, in 2003 Barbie was turned by animators into a swan. In some cartoons, the girl enters the world of magic, in others, more like a fairy tale than fantasy, events begin to unfold in real time. Barbie games are even more diverse, on the court of young gamers presented dress up games, walkers, culinary simulations and other genres of online games. There are also full-fledged computer games that really sell for money.

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Игра Барби рожает Barbie gives birth
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