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Игры Балди картинка

Which of the school subjects has always inspired horror in you? If math, then these Baldi games will be a real test for your nerves. The thing is that Baldi is a math teacher who attacks students who stay in school after school. The only chance to save from it is to correctly solve examples in notebooks scattered across the game map. But after three tasks, an online game will not allow you to give the correct answer: the numbers will begin to blur and any decision will be considered incorrect. And then Baldi, armed with a ruler, will chase after you.

New games about a maniac-mathematician are much more diverse. Firstly, you can play not only against Baldi, but also against other monsters who settled in the educational institution, from demons to other teachers and even the director of this terrible school. Secondly, if it seems to you that the plot of the original game is not scary enough, you can play the famous Five Nights mode, taken from the famous horror story about Freddy’s bear. Thirdly, if you are tired of horror and constant pursuits, you can relax in logical puzzles that are decorated in the style of your favorite characters.

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