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Игры Бакуган картинка

                                   Fans of fantastic adventures are well acquainted with the desperate fighters of Bakugan. They were first talked about thanks to Japanese anime. Still, these brave guys know how to control monsters belonging to six different elements and make them obedient, and they do all this while playing. This is partly why the Bakugan games very quickly gained popularity and became in demand. You can find a lot of interesting things in them. They make you think, learn to quickly respond to the actions of the opponent and act. More interesting offers simply can not be found.

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Загадочные карты Бакуган

Even those who are not familiar with the Japanese anime about Bakugan have heard for sure. Indeed, shortly after the release of the series, a series of board games of Bakugan was created, which many people liked. It used magic cards, which, incidentally, in the anime itself simply fell on the main characters. With the help of these cards it is possible to activate monsters that for the time being look like ordinary balls. By the way, these monsters have a variety of abilities and belong to six different elements. Players have the opportunity to build the abilities of monsters, increase the power of their character, and even choose several fighters for an attack at the same time.

Игры Бакуган

At the very beginning, the Bakugan world was perceived by young adventurers who became owners of mysterious maps, like a regular game. But it took a little time for the young heroes to understand the situation and understand that they were not just funny balls, but representatives of another world, strong and powerful, in reality capable of destroying and building from time to time, despite all their might, requiring support and protection. And even the fact that you need to activate them with the help of cards doesn’t change the situation, on the contrary, it makes the game even better.

What is even more interesting is that the creators managed the impossible: to make the game about the game so successful. Indeed, the basis of the anime is precisely the game, or rather the opportunity to turn into a fascinating game a part of the life of the inhabitants, on which mysterious cards fall from the sky with which you can control representatives of other worlds.

A bit about the elements and their representatives | ||

Of course, the computer world did not stand aside. Today, many gamers are attracted by fascinating and colorful Bakugan games. Among them there are offers for the smallest with puzzles and coloring books, and there are also for older adults who enjoy thrills. At the same time, in order to cope with the management and to conduct a worthy fight, gamers will need to masterfully rock the characteristics of their heroes, who are representatives of different worlds, once representing one whole, and for this it’s good to understand some moments themselves.

Игры Бакуган

World , from which the Bakugan came, is a parallel reality with the sonorous name of Westroy, divided for some time into two parts. One of which is the Infinity Zone and a source of concentration of positive energy, and the second is the Zone of Silence and a source of negative energy. During the split, the Bakugan, who were once one, separated and began to represent six different elements.

  • Chaos (element of Light) - its representatives have tremendous power and can control a beam of light energy that can neutralize the enemy for a long time. They can generate energy from any source of light.
  • Darkus (element of Darkness) - pitch darkness is an ally of the Bakugan, who are representatives of this element. Under cover of night, they are capable of inflicting irreparable damage to the enemy, while remaining unnoticed.
  • Ventus (elements of wind and air) - representatives of this element are incredibly fast, swift and destructive.
  • Payrus (element Fire) - representatives of this element draw their energy from red-hot magma. For them, the inferno is truly hellfire. In battle, they skillfully use their abilities to surround the enemy with flame, use a fire tornado.
  • Saperra (element of the Earth) - these warriors are able to take battle not only on the surface of the earth, but also under it. Skillful strategists who have no equal. They draw energy from the bowels of the Earth.
  • Aquos (element of Water) - these warriors know how to use streams of water in battle and skillfully control them. Masterfully conduct battles in saturated environments.

What are interesting Bakugan games

The exciting and unique world of Bakugan is of interest to many. Games about its representatives are diverse and multifaceted. For the most part, they are strategies, which means they make you think logically, calculate moves and make decisions. The Bakugan fights are very colorful and unique. That's where you can be smart and resourceful. In addition, during the game, you can change the wards or choose several Bakugan at once, belonging to different elements and combine their skills to achieve their own goals.

In addition to games about fighting monster transformers, which in fact are Bakugan, there are a lot of different offers. Platformers and rpg games, mahjong games, three-in-a-row games and a classic Bakugan with lots of cards, each of which encourages Bakugan warriors to show one or another of their abilities - all these games are in demand and are in demand among gamers of all ages. Indeed, next to the Bakugan warriors the player himself begins to feel responsibility for the fate of the world and does good deeds.