Games Avatar The Last Airbender legend

Игры Аватар легенда об Аанге картинка

                                   It is believed that anime is only released in Japan, but any rule has an exception and this animated series is one such exception. After all, the Avatar first appeared not in Japan, but in the USA and was shown in the period from 2005 to 2008. After 2008, the series was frozen, as the plot was logically completed, but from the middle of 2012 a sequel was released, entitled The Legend of Korra, which is still ongoing. Today, 4 anime seasons have already been released, and 52 full-fledged episodes lasting 24 minutes. Games Avatar the legend of Aang and Korra, will appeal to all fans of anime, as they are a great addition to what you can see on TV.

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Аниме, полюбившееся многим

About the famous American animated series Avatar, the legend of the Aang, which has about 20 awards and nominations during its existence, can be talked for a very long time. Appearing on the screens, he won the hearts of millions of children and adolescents, not only boys but also girls. Through the efforts of talented animators Michael Dante Dimartino and Brian Koniecko, an incredibly interesting mixture of anime and fantasy with elements of Asian philosophy and spectacular scenes in the spirit of the best action films using various types of martial arts turned out. At the same time, the story about the avatar is in no way inferior to such epic masterpieces as Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings in the scope of what is happening. Since 2005, this fascinating story has captivated the hearts of many. In just a few years, many souvenirs, toys, pictures and, of course, computer games have appeared. And although it is believed that this anime is intended for a children's audience, there are also plenty of adult viewers.

A world that needs an avatar

Numerous exciting adventures, and an unusual way of looking like nothing the life of the invented world is of particular interest to the audience. Spirits, magicians, magical animals and mere mortals easily coexist here. Each of them refers to one of the four elements: fire, earth, water or air. Mages simply live among ordinary people, but at the same time they have a special gift that allows them to control the forces of their element. And only an avatar from above is given the opportunity to use all four elements at the same time. It is he who is the connecting link between people and the world of spirits. The avatar is mortal, but at the same time he has the ability to degenerate and communicate with all his previous incarnations. The cyclic order of rebirth is predetermined from above. After the representative of the tribe of water, the mage of the kingdom of the earth will become the avatar, then this mission will go to the fiery and air representatives alternately.

Игры Аватар легенда об Аанге

By the will of fate, after his fiery predecessor Roku, a young air mage named Aang became the avatar. It just so happened that on the one hand he is only a twelve-year-old boy, and on the other, he has been elected for over a hundred years. It is precisely on his actions and abilities that the restoration of a world that the fairy-tale people have not seen over the past hundred years because of the war unleashed by the ruler of the people of fire Sozin to capture territories occupied by representatives of other elements depends.

The adventures that befell the young Aang are interesting and very dangerous. Together with friends who freed the boy and his flying bison from the block of ice, the air magician will go in search of teachers who can teach him the missing types of magical art. On their way, friends all the time will encounter representatives of various elements, help magicians and ordinary people withstand the treachery and evil caused by the fiery ruler.

Some details about the inhabitants of the wizarding world

Aang - 12 - summer air mage, avatar, who is the only representative of the air nomads who were exterminated during the brutal war. After a century of absence, he re-cognizes the world. At heart, Aang is still a child, always ready to ride a slide, play games with children or have fun. It combines boyish enthusiasm and age-old wisdom. Fair, honest, smart, fearless and wise beyond his years. He seeks to comprehend the magic of water, earth and fire as soon as possible in order to restore the once violated justice. He loves his winged animals of the Appo bison and Momo lemur. He appreciates friendship with representatives of the Southern Water Tribe Qatar and Sokku.

Qatar is a 14-year-old representative of the Southern Water Tribe, the only mage of her clan. It has the gift of healing. She believes in the power of a necklace inherited from her mother and is a talisman for a girl. Fearless warrior who feels responsible for the young Aang. The first avatar teacher in water magic. He has natural organizational skills, is very attached to Aang, sincerely loves his elder brother Sokka.

Sokka is a young man of 15 years old. Warrior of the Southern Tribe of Water. The older brother of Qatar. He is skeptical of magicians, considering magic a source of trouble and the main problem of the world as a whole. He believes more in the power of weapons. Masterfully owns a boomerang. It has developed intuition. Loyal to friends, always ready to defend the weak.

Toph Beifong is a 12-year-old blind girl who is a magician of the earth. It is from her that Aang is destined to gain knowledge about this type of magic. Honest and open, she is at the same time rude and straightforward. Despite her physical disability, she is able to “see” thanks to sensations. She even becomes subject to metal magic, which Toph invents on his own.

Zuko is the son of the owner of the fire, a 16-year-old youth who was once kicked out by his father for disobedience and refusal to duel. Ambitious, brave. At first, along with his uncle, Iro causes a lot of trouble to Aang and his friends, in every way preventing them. Subsequently, he becomes the teacher of the avatar and transfers to him the knowledge of the fiery magicians.

Игры Аватар легенда об Аанге

There are many inhabitants of the magical world of anime and games Avatar. There is a lot of legend about Aang, they are all different, each has its own mission, its own path and its own story. It is very interesting to watch the upheavals and intricacies of the legend of the Aang, and given the fact that, thanks to experienced consultants, all the magicians of the wizarding world use real oriental tactics when managing the elements, it is also informative. Three seasons of unforgettable adventure await ahead of everyone who decides to learn more about the fate of Aang and his friends. For those who are already familiar with them, there is also something to look at, in 2012 the sequel of the animated series Legend of Korra was released, the main character of which is a beautiful representative of the water tribe, who is the next avatar in the cycle of avatars.