Games Car crashes

Игры Аварии машин картинка

A cool car, sunglasses and a car of masculinity - when you see such a person, you think that this is a real man. Such people are not afraid of danger and choose car accident games. Sometimes you really want to let off steam and just break the car, but doing it in ordinary life is fraught with serious consequences, and in the game it is very fun.

Online games are divided into two varieties. Avoid accident - you need to drive the car in such a way as not to crash into surrounding objects and players. To get into an accident. This type of arcade is more interesting, because to do something like this in real life is, on purpose, practically impossible, unless by stupidity. Choose your favorite car and constantly crash into other cars, houses and trees surrounding you. The number of destroyed items is equivalent to the bonus points that will be required to improve the car.

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