Games Attack of the Titans

Игры Атака Титанов картинка

The carnivorous giants, who came from nowhere, almost completely wiped the human race from the face of the Earth. The surviving people took refuge in the only surviving city and eventually forgot about the terrible threat posed by the giants. Therefore, the townspeople were completely unprepared when a new wave of titans destroyed the walls and invaded previously peaceful lands. The last hope of mankind is the reconnaissance corps, whose fighters, thanks to many years of training, have learned to defeat monsters. The Games of Attack of the Titans tell precisely about these glorious heroes.

In the games collected here, you have to get used to the role of a fearless fighter of the reconnaissance squad. Together with other scouts you will fight on endless battlefields with superior opponent forces. The Titans are extremely difficult to defeat, and you have to jump a lot to reach the vital parts of the monsters. Most of the games in this section are fighting games, walkers and even tower defense. For those who are not interested in playing such arcade games, and want to spend time with the heroes of their favorite anime, there are more peaceful dress-ups, tests and online coloring.

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