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Игры Аркады картинка

Have a free minute, but don’t know what to do with yourself? We agree, sometimes it’s so hard to choose something for a short break. Or, here's another situation for you, your baby suffers from boredom and thus prevents you from doing things. In both cases online arcade games will come to the rescue - with them you can easily be distracted by yourself and distract the child for any period of time from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

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Игра 2048 2048
Игра Merge the jewels Merge the jewels
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Игра Boas io (Боас ио) Boas io
Игра SmiSmi io SmiSmi io
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Игра Build Royale io Build Royale io
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Что такое аркады

Initially, arcade games were created specifically for slot machines. You probably saw such movies: pinball, platforming and various fights with joysticks. In Russia, an arcade can be called a portable console, created based on the cartoon “Wait a minute!”, Where the wolf ran from one end to the other and caught falling eggs.

Игры аркады

Arcade games on the PC characterizes the short period of time required to complete the game or one level in it, but at the same time, you will get an exciting gameplay that will not allow you to simply postpone it for a while, you will not achieve the necessary goal.

Varieties of arcade games

Игра аркада губка Боб

Games of this genre are even difficult to count, because it is one of the most common. For example, among arcade games, you can distinguish:

  • solitaire (quickly expanding the cards does not take much time, but it helps to train memory and attention);
  • three in a row (collect game items with the same view - quick and easy);
  • platformers (bright representative of arcades - you can go through one level or the whole game at once, depending on how much you are interested in the plot or gameplay);
  • runners (almost the same principle as in platformer - only here you need to run without stopping, collecting various items along the way to earn points);
  • a simulator (in them you can become the owner of an amusement park or open your own cafe and serve visitors with a click of the mouse).

Choose an arcade wisely and in the end it will give you only fun and good mood.