Games Bad Pigs

Игры Плохие Свинки картинка

Game about Angry Birds Angry Birds - a real hit among entertainment on mobile devices! Naturally, in the wake of popularity, it has overgrown with hundreds of side projects for every taste and color. In this collection you will find arcades dedicated to the main villains of the original - the pigs! Games of bad pigs allow you to play both on the side of green piglets and on the side of their opponents. One way or another, the motto of this collection can be considered “more pigs, fewer birds!”.

Bad Piggies games are mostly diverse logic puzzles similar in design and gameplay to the famous original. You will be able to participate in races, defend yourself against evil birds, solve more than one logical puzzle, go with pigs into space and much more.! Maybe bad pigs will convince you that they are not so bad?

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