Games Angry Birds (Angry Birds)

Игры Энгри Бердз (Злые Птицы) картинка

                                   In this section, we will talk about one of the most popular and world-famous series of arcade games. In this series, 7 official mobile games have already been released, which are available on all platforms, from Android and Apple, to the outdated Bada and Symbian. In addition to mobile clients, there are also computer ones, and you also have the opportunity to manage your favorite birds directly from your browser! Angry Bears games, in other translation options the name of the Angry Bears game or even Angry Bears games, which can be played online for free on our website, will be interesting not only to children of any age, but also to adults, since they are also not poorly developed puzzles !

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История создания Энгри Бердз

Unlike many popular arcades that gained immense popularity in the mobile world, and then came to computers, Angry Birds were developed for a long time and very carefully by the then little-known company manufacturer games - Rovio. Before the games of Engry Birds became widely known, their creators faced many difficulties, and because of the financial crisis in the company, the project was almost frozen. So for starters, bird lovers should find out how the series of famous arcades came into being.

Prior to his hit, Rovio did not have major independent projects and the company most often carried out orders from owners of large computer series games, to create their mobile versions for a variety of devices. Since the company worked since 2003, the experience in creating games she had was large enough, but due to the fact that there were no common platforms, such as IOS and Android, I had to develop my own arcade, almost for every phone manufacturer .

Игры Энгри Бердз

Screenshot from Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile and Clickgamer Media

But with the release of Iphone in 2007, everything changed and the company made a strategic decision to switch to a new platform and start developing the game for iOS! That is how the story of the development of the game Angry Birds began. Two years before the release of the most important mobile hit, the developers and designer of Rovio were tasked with releasing the best game for those who just appeared and didn’t manage to get the popularity of touch smartphones.

The developers created a lot of different projects, but all of them were rejected by the founder of the company either as too complex or, on the contrary, as too simple and boring. The goal was to create the perfect game, at the same time simple, entertaining and addictive to users. And now, after a couple of months, one of the Finnish designers came up with the idea of ​​making the main characters of birds, not ordinary birds, but representing large yellow balls of feathers with huge beaks and a crazy expression on their faces.

Exit into the light

This is how the very first concept of the game Angry Birds appeared. In the picture that turned out in the morning, a flock of feathery balls with crazy muzzles rushed towards a castle. The designer had no concept of the project, or any other ideas, so he just decided to show the resulting picture to his boss. B did not fail, the picture was so much liked first by the whole Rovio office, and then by its director, that it was decided to start working on the characters and inventing the concept of the arcade. The development of characters, and the creation of gameplay, the company took about 2 years. During this time, almost all the details of the logical arcade were brought to perfect condition. The gameplay and interface were so simple that even three-year-old children could understand them calmly, but despite the prostate, throwing birds from a slingshot was very interesting and this process was delayed even by adults.

Игры Angry Birds

Screenshot from Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio Entertainment Lucasfilm and Rovio Entertainment Activision.

In 2009, when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, Angry Birds finally appeared on the virtual shelves of the App Store for the iPhone. Due to the fact that the arcade was so much quality and cost only 33 rubles, it very quickly took top positions in the store rating. It is noteworthy that the arcades from Rovio still occupy the top ranks of ratings, only now not only in the Apple store, but also in dozens of other mobile platforms. To date, Angry birds are considered the most popular series of mobile games, and the number of downloads has already exceeded 1,000,000,000 copies, which is a record high among any, including computer series.

Игры Angry Birds

Screenshot from Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio Entertainment Lucasfilm and Rovio Entertainment Activision.

Subsequently, the birds left the virtual space into the real. The Finnish company has its own brand of plush toys, branded school supplies, T-shirts, sweatshirts, figures and other trinkets began to be produced. And besides, in Finland there were a lot of playgrounds with your favorite characters and even an amusement park was opened. And also, with the popularity of the characters, a lot of arcades appeared with their participation from third-party developers, so now you can play Angry Birds online, free and directly on the Internet!

Main games Angry Birds

  • Angry Birds - the very first part of the series released in 2009 exclusively for phones from Apple. It is the original version of the gameplay, where on a flat surface you had to destroy buildings and destroy bad green pigs. Later, new levels were added to the arcade, and the ipad version was also released.
  • Seasons - is a series of small thematic seasons, which at the very beginning were updated every few months, but with the release of new projects, this frequency has increased. Recently, you can play Angry Birds for free by downloading it from the app store or launching it online!
  • Rio is the third episode released in 2011. Here, the action takes place not in another world, but in the city of Rio de Janeiro, known to many, hence the name comes from. In this episode, many pigs already loved, were replaced by monkeys. Small changes were made to the gameplay and several levels appeared in which instead of fighting with monkeys, you would need to release dolphins and birds from captivity.
  • Space is the fourth episode where ugly pigs again steal eggs, but only now they using their technologies, they open a portal into space and move to another planet. In the fourth episode, the gameplay has changed a lot, because now the forces of gravity act on the planets, which means that the birds will fly in a circle after launching from a slingshot until they crash. In addition to the gameplay changes, this part of the Angry Birds game also received new birds.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars became one of the hits of 2012. Here, the developers decided to get away from the original plot, and made a parody of the popular space saga Star Wars. Unlike other projects in the series, here the pigs will also shoot at you with laser weapons and throw laser swords.
  • Star Wars 2 - the continuation of the space odyssey. Here you will find not only new enemies but also new planets, as well as a large underwater map. Otherwise, there are not many changes.
  • Angry Birds Go - here the developers decided to get away from the standard concept of the arcade and made the race!

In just a few years, Rovio is a small arcade developer, has become one of the leading players in the mobile gaming market! In addition to the evil birds, the company has more than 10 developing projects, including several branches from the original, where the main characters are bad pigs!