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Игры Андертейл картинка

In recent years, more and more users prefer to play old-fashioned pixel video games. Despite the simple graphics and midi music, they often stand out with an interesting plot. It is not surprising that the game Undertale has a lot of fans, because all of the above in this arcade. Especially fans liked the combat system, made in the form of a mini-game. In the story, a little girl falls into a mysterious pit and falls into the underworld inhabited by monsters. A long time ago, there was a war between people and monsters, as a result of which human wizards locked monsters underground.

Undertale became so popular that its fans began to make their own arcade fan games based on it. Due to the fact that the original has simple graphics, such fan games are not inferior to the original visually. In addition to the recognizable style, here you will find characters you love about the game, both positive and negative. Most arcades are battles with enemies according to rules familiar from the game. If you have never played the original, then the online games collected in this section are the best way to find out about Undertail.

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