Games Om Nom

Игры Ам Ням картинка

                                   Sweet tooth can be different. There are among them those who simply sweep away all the sweets in their path. In search of sweets, they are ready not only to risk their lives, but also to move in time. The games of Om Nom are eloquent proof of this. In what alterations the charismatic green animal did not visit, and all this for the sake of the sweet and tasty.

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Кто такой Ам Ням и откуда он взялся

The green animal, outwardly resembling something between a frog and a toothy apple, is a figment of the imagination of Russian developers. It was they who hid him in the box, and so successfully. In the beginning, Om Nom games for portable platforms from the “cut the rope” series appeared. The game very quickly became popular and in demand not only in Russia, but also abroad. A charming green glance hit the computer a bit later. The animators didn’t stand aside, this sweet tooth is very charismatic and adventurous when it comes to searching for all kinds of sweets. The fortresses of his teeth will be envied by many regulars in the dental office, who only have to look at sweets and gingerbread with nuts.

Today, a green crank with huge eyes and snow-white teeth has won the attention of children around the world. In some games, you need to draw it, in others to collect in pieces, in the third just feed it with sweets. There are platformers with his participation, but the main ones are games from the “cut the rope” series.

He is friends with physics Om Nom

Just to say that in games about Om Nom great physics is not enough. Everything here is built on it. The essence of numerous games is to feed a charming glutton. To do this, you will need to cut the ropes, shoot from cannons or slingshots, launch balloons, and then try to burst them in the right place - in general, act quickly, clearly and logically. At the same time, during the game it will be necessary to dodge the harmful objects in time and make good use of it.

Игры Ам Ням

At the same time, it is necessary to use the real physical properties of each individual object in the games and calculate what happens when they interact with each other. Otherwise, a baby with a restless appetite will not be able to satisfy. Sometimes the path of the treasured sweetness into the mouth of the always hungry Om Nom is long and hard, but all the more interesting it is to feed it. In some games for tablets, the baby even reacts to touch, while it behaves like a ball, changing its shape somewhat and then restoring it again.

In the pursuit of sweets

By the way, Om Nom is very picky in food, if only he won’t eat. Give him only sweets, the gluttonous kid ignores the rest of the food. He rejects pizza, prefers lollipops over meat, sausage is also not in his taste. But the refrigerator will force Am Nyam with pleasure. And suddenly there is a cake inside or jelly, in extreme cases. For chocolates, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, donuts and pretzels, green toothy is ready to go not only to the ends of the world. He even learned to subordinate space and time to himself.

Игры Ам Ням

I could not resist Om Nom and began to move from one era to another in order to try what and how our ancestors were preparing before.
You may not be particularly surprised at the fact that Om Nom sometimes bifurcates. This only indicates that similar creatures lived somewhere close to our ancestors from time immemorial. During the game, Om Nom will visit Egypt and Alexandria, will participate in gladiator fights and knightly tournaments, all for the love of sweets.

The kid is funny and disinterested. He does not need diamonds and rubies, he is ready to give the crown to anyone, just to get the treasured candy.

Om Nom conquered all

You can determine the age of gamers who are interested in playing with Om Nom unmistakably . This green little eye with a charming smile is interesting for both kids and their parents. At the same time, children are happy to feed the crumbs with sweets. Together with Om Nom they learn to draw, and to distinguish colors. And parents at this time puff on the solution to very complex logical problems. At the same time, the goal of one and the other is similar - to feed the sweet tooth. But for Am Nyam there aren’t many sweets, which means that you won’t get tired of playing games with him ever.