Games Alchemy

Игры Алхимия картинка

Never heard of the science of alchemy? No wonder! Now it is not popular. Although in the Middle Ages it was believed that by combining certain elements you can create an elixir of immortality or a philosopher's stone. Alchemy games are about that. You need to combine various objects and substances, and get new ones.

Starting to play, you get the most important substances: fire, water, earth and air. The four main elements from which the initial elements are created, and then various combinations are composed. Do not be afraid to try to connect different objects. Earth and water together create dirt, and fire and air will give lightning. Then from these two substances, dirt and lightning, you can create DNA. In addition to alchemy, the God Simulator series has been added to the section. Games of this series stand out for their beautiful graphics, have been translated into Russian and have more than 150 combinations.

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