The Isaac Games

Игры Айзек картинка

The sad story of Isaac became a game hit as soon as it came out. Neither the rustic graphics, nor the cruelty inherent in the arcade prevented. Isaac died at the hands of his own mother and ended up in hell, where he had to fight with hordes of demons, monstrous bosses, seven deadly sins, and even the devil himself. It is noteworthy that one of the strongest opponents throughout the game was Isaac's mother. Initially, the hero had only one weapon - his own tears, but during the passage it was possible to collect many artifacts and other enhancements.

In the original game, an absolutely crazy amount of characters, opponents, bosses and artifacts. Therefore, in our selection you will find arcades not only about Isaac, but also about other heroes lit up in the original, as well as just online games that are similar in style and gameplay. The dangerous corridors of hell can be changed to safer mines for gold mining, instead of demons, fight hordes of the living dead, and play not for man, but for the devil. Or concentrate on the battles and leave behind the scenes map research.

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