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                                   The life of bacteria is quite dangerous and exciting. The best way to make sure of this is to learn Agario games, whose popularity is growing every day. The multi-user offer attracts you like a magnet. Everything is reduced to minimalism: you just need to eat and grow. At the same time, one should not forget that pity for the rival of death is similar. You do not want to gobble up someone, they will gobble up you with pleasure, very quickly and with all the giblets.

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4.4 || | 932
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Вместе играть в Агарио веселее

Among the offers of Agario there are also those that can be played together with friends. By sending out invitations to friends and agreeing in advance on which server to choose, you can arrange a real massacre and profit well and have fun deliberately devouring each other in front of an amazed audience for the sake of a common victory.
Surviving the world of microorganisms is not easy. In order to come to this conclusion yourself, it is worth getting into the skin of a bacterium or microbe. This is the only way to understand how hard it is to be a virus. Today, such an opportunity has appeared among gamers around the world. Play Agario everywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. Having entered the game, you never know who exactly will become your rival, because you can play online can be anywhere in the world. In order to win you need to try very hard. First of all, it is important to have a brutal appetite, and secondly, the ability to think logically and quickly make the right decisions. In any sentence from the series, Agario will sometimes have to sacrifice himself, but only in order to survive and eat the enemy at a time when he will weaken or lose his vigilance.

The hard life of viruses

Life is fleeting. Being in the shoes of bacteria, you begin to understand it very quickly. Everyone here cares only about their own skin. Healthy competition and a desire to survive - that's what is the hallmark of the numerous games of Agario. All of their participants are hungry and voracious, but they are not on the same plate, but in the same flask, Petri dish, or other container for experiments.

Игры Агарио

Your goal here is not to win, but to hold out as long as possible, and if lucky, then in winner status. At the very beginning of the game you feel like a little bipod with an irrepressible appetite, then you start to grow. Along with the increase in size, you gain solidity and gain confidence in yourself. If at the first stage you can peacefully devour plankton, which is a small multi-colored dots, then you will have to eat your own kind.
What tactics to choose during the game Agario

It is dedicated to the burners

Do not be surprised if during the game you happen to get into the top victims. Not always lucky. Once lucky enough to visit the top of the devourers and see their nickname in the upper right corner. During the hunger game of Agario, everyone develops his own tactics. Mindlessly moving around the field to become steep does not work. You won’t be fed up with plankton alone, and its absence will lead to weight loss and degrade performance. In Agario you need to be aggressive and careful, prudent and dexterous. Smaller balls can be hunted. To do this, you need to divide with a space. You can also shoot here with the W key to distract attention from yourself.

Играть в Агарио онлайн бесплатно

At the same time, we must not forget that the mass of your ball at that moment decreases. It is worth splitting up even if you are in real danger. Still half eaten is better than ending your existence and surrendering without a fight. In addition, life is changeable, in the presence of appetite and luck, you can easily restore lost positions again. There is also a bitter pill, the so-called thorns, a collision with them is dangerous only when you are already worth something. Having stumbled upon a green poisoned circle, your ball will crumble into small parts, which will become easy prey for others. In this case, the Q key will help to pile up faster.

Remember that there are dangerous and, at the same time, bread places in Agario. Here you can find easy prey along the perimeter of the glass, but at the same time, you can easily become the food for a larger bacillus yourself here.