Games Adam and Eve

Игры Адам и Ева картинка

                                   The life of primitive man was hard. To make sure of this, it is worth visiting the shoes of the ancestors. The funniest way to do this is to play the games of Adam and Eve, whose actions unfold not only in paradise, but also far beyond. Sparkling humor, cheerful musical accompaniment and a lot of positive emotions are provided to everyone who wishes to become a member of incredible adventures and searches for a better life along with the charismatic protagonist.

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Куда бежит Адам

It turns out that even in paradise, something is missing for a man. Maybe diversity, or maybe the desire of the world to see and show itself. Be that as it may, Adam is on the run all the time. And what is surprising - he runs from time to time from one Eve to another, passing through all the circles of hell. And there’s no stopping, but it doesn’t come out. Most games about Adam and Eve are presented in an adventure format with quest elements. There are also labyrinths where loving hearts need to connect, but they are much smaller.

Игры Адам и Ева

The animators did their best. All the characters are drawn so carefully that during the game you begin to feel not just a gamer, but the creator of fascinating comics about the life of our ancestors. Each of the characters is unique in its own way. It is interesting during the game not only to solve logical problems, but also simply to explore the area. Everything stirs, trembles, comes to life at the first click of the mouse and at least makes you smile.

Who cares about the adventures of Adam and Eve

Amazingly, the games Adam and Eve are so thought out that they will be interesting gamers of all ages. The plot in them, it would seem, is not at all childish, but the heroes are so charismatic, and their naivety is so touching that the smallest fans of computer games enthusiastically watch everything that happens on the screen, without thinking about the motives that Adam is guided to move to the goal. And the fact that it is Eva’s ban in the cage, then Cleopatra will try to bite him on the head with a stick, causes more pity for the main character and a desire to help him.

Everything here looks decent and decent. Even Adam is dressed in the skin of a mammoth. At the entrance to the Paradise, however, they require to follow a dress code, but they give out a fig leaf at once and do not display any charms. If you need to show what feelings birds, fish or other representatives of the fauna have for each other, a lot of red hearts appear on the screen. Like this: touching, symbolic, stylish and tasteful. And it is not necessary to focus the younger generation on the fact that Eve has changed.

Cool obstacles to success

The path to or escape from Eve is always fraught with a lot of dangers. But our hero is not discouraged, and he is not used to retreat either. Forever smiling blue-eyed blonde with a flower in his hands in order to win the heart of another beauty, will withstand any test.
Birds and animals, fish and amphibians are ready to serve Adam. Someone helps him of his own free will, and someone by compulsion. It is very important during the game to figure out exactly how to find a way to go further and not fall into numerous traps.

Играть в Адам и Ева онлайн

During the game, Adam and Eve have a lot of incredible adventures awaiting you: you may need crocodile services to make a suitable key, and provoking a pterodactyl, you can make him move a huge block, use the tail of a dinosaur as a bridge, and remove an elephant from the road by scaring him with a bat. And that’s not all.

On a fly agaric hat in the game you can cross the river, and with a support of bones, maybe even human ones, fix the bridge. There is a lot of surprising in games, unusual too. Even if you get to the cannibal in the boiler, you can find a way out, you just need to think carefully about how to do this. Your holy duty is to help Adam during the game, and then his path to Eve will not be so thorny.