Games of Animatronics

Игры Аниматроники картинка

Did you feel fear so eerie and chilling that you wanted to hide faster in a closet or under a blanket and no longer get out? If not, now you are only a second away from such a sensation; just turn on animatronics games. But prepare yourself in advance: you really have to experience monstrous fear. Animatronics are animated life-size puppets in the form of animals; we are used to seeing them at holidays, exhibitions or any company promotions.

In the arcades they come to life to hunt and kill, and you need to be extremely careful, because you need to catch them before they attack first . FNAF games with animatronics offer you to play as a watchman in an amusement park. The task is to follow the cameras and not let terrible monsters get too close. Otherwise, the game will end immediately: you lose and find yourself eaten by a sinister animatronic.

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