5 Nights Games with Freddy

Игры 5 ночей с Фредди картинка

                                   Those who are not indifferent to horror and believe that it is not worth spending free time on children's games, you should pay attention to the 5-night games with Freddy. That's where the lesson is not for the faint of heart. After all, you are invited to a pizzeria not in broad daylight, but at night, while cute animatronics, instead of entertaining young visitors and their parents, are engaged in lawlessness. They are ready to go to extreme measures. And woe to anyone who gets in their way.

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Детские кошмары, вторгшиеся в реальность

What could be better than time spent with your family, especially if you all go together for a delicious and mouth-watering pizza served at Pizzeria Freddy Fazber. It is interesting and cozy here during the day. Animatronics, who are not averse to singing and dancing for children, come into contact with children who have come to feast on. During the game, Freddy’s bear and other robotic dolls are nice and courteous, but it’s only during the day, and at night everything turns upside down and they turn into real insatiable bloodthirsty monsters, human hunters.

Игры 5 ночей с Фредди

In the company with the bear Freddy, who is the ringleader, other robots are also taking part in the night showdowns, among which are the Bibi boy, the Fox fox, the Chika duck and the Bonnie hare. All these charming creatures bring fear and horror to anyone who is caught in a pizzeria at night. Faced with them, anyone will understand that children's nightmares have become a reality. That’s why not everyone will take part in the game as a security guard.

Only if the night lasts

Maybe this surprises someone, but to be a security guard is hard work, especially if in the middle of the night he has to communicate with the bear Freddy and his team. So many 5-night games with Freddy begin with a mysterious phone call. It is by telephone that the guard inside the pizzeria receives recommendations and valuable instructions from his predecessor.

In some cases, it will be enough not to leave your post and very carefully monitor the movement of cute monsters led by Teddy bear Freddy all night. The security room is equipped with cameras, looking into which it will not be difficult to monitor the movement of objects inside the building. While all the cameras are operational and the robots are in place, there is nothing to fear. But at exactly midnight, the technique begins to junk, and animatronics come to life.

Игры 5 ночей с Фредди

This is the time when the hand should be kept on the pulse, or rather on the button, in order to catch the door in time and stay alive. However, even this does not always help. After all, having received a rebuff once, the bear Freddy and his team are trying to outwit the player by hook or by crook. Very often they join forces in the middle of the night to achieve their goal.

Do not forget that in the absence of a sufficient amount of energy, no mechanism is able to work. For example, the door during the game simply will not be able to lock. If you do not replenish energy reserves, then you can turn into a living target for the bloodthirsty bear Freddy and his dear friends. You just won’t be able to sit at the console all night. We'll have to move around the pizzeria.

Scary, of course, but if you want to survive, it is simply necessary. In addition, all kinds of bonuses will be the reward in the game. Be careful with Golden Freddy. Meeting with him does not bode well. Although, if you try hard, then you can deceive him. Always remember that at six in the morning nightmares dissipate and there’s nothing to be afraid of until the next night.

Bear Freddy is just a fiction!

Having loved the games of 5 nights with Freddy, you should always remember that what is happening to you is far from reality. Remember that no one will actually eat you. Before you plunge into the atmosphere of horror, clearly understand that the Freddy bear that appears unexpectedly and terrifies you during the game is just a childhood nightmare and nothing more.

A bit of history

All to one game Freddy combines a common background and chilling fear. Animatronics became afraid after one unpleasant incident, which was code-named "bite 87", and it all happened far from night. Since then, a lot of water has flowed, so to say exactly who deprived one of the young visitors of the head will not work. Some attribute this to Fox Foxy, others to Golden Freddy. The institution was closed urgently, and then, after waiting for enough time, it was reopened. Only now animatronics were forbidden to play with children and generally move around the hall in the presence of visitors. But at night they allow themselves a lot.

Woe to the person who does not have time to hide in time and gets into the clutches of robots that have come off the coils in the middle of the night. With the best of intentions, they try to stick their animatronics sacrifice inside one of the huge dolls, so as to replenish their ranks. Only then bad luck, once inside, a person dies, having received numerous injuries. Inside the dolls there are a lot of sharp glands and wire, and a mere mortal, mistaken for an endoskeleton, which is a support for robots, very quickly becomes a corpse.

What to consider when choosing Freddy’s games

Cute and kind games of this kind are difficult to name. Rather, they are intended for fans to tickle their nerves. Many of the game offers have different age restrictions. But this is precisely what makes them attractive for extreme lovers. By downloading the game about Freddy’s bear on your phone, you can provide yourself with adrenaline at any time of the day. Playing online is also very interesting. In any case, there is nothing to fear. Remember that morning always comes after night and all fears dissipate.