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How good to be able to count. Many numbers are beckoning since infancy. Such people grow into mathematicians and scientists. Someone is looking for their lucky number among the surrounding objects, others love solving mathematical problems. For fans of numbers, games 1234567890 are perfect - these are toys that have numbers in their names, a series of games is also presented in the section.

For those who do not like to part with their favorite characters, there are entire series of arcades with your favorite heroes. Snail bob - your hero creeps endlessly, remove obstacles in the way of the hero, clicking in the right places. Willie's machine - go through various obstacles and think in time how to bring the machine to the end of the level. Red ball - jump over the level of the game, overcoming obstacles in the form of spikes, and simultaneously fighting with evil black squares, they want to annoy the red ball and prevent it from reaching the goal.

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Игра Взорвать траффик 2 Blast traffic 2
4.3 || | 273
Игра Хэппи Вилс 2 Happy Wills 2
4.2 | || 422
Игра Бегущий Фред 2 Running Fred 2
4.2 | || 800
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