Game Zuma with dragons

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Игра Зума с драконами

An evil genius created an army and with the help of it imprisoned a lot of little dragons! Save them, because they are not to blame for anything! In the zoom game with dragons, you need to free them all from imminent death! They all walk along the path, which at the end ends with a huge black hole! Do not let small cubs fall into this hole and free them! It is very easy to do this, you just need to move the mouse and click on the button in time!

Send them rescue teams, which will help to rescue the dragons from the trap! The most important thing - do not mix up the colors, otherwise the rescue teams will also fall into the trap! Each color of the rescuers launched from the catapult must correspond to the same color of dragons walking along the path! Go through all the locations starting from the North Pole and ending with the dehydrated desert. Savannahs, dense forest, canyon, north pole with mysterious crystals, swamp and beach! This is where you will need to carry out rescue operations!

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