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Игра Зомби Ио

This is a very unusual sandbox for survival in the style of Agario. The Io Zombie game is interesting in that, unlike its receiver, here you do not need to fight with other players, but rather you need to unite with them to survive in the zombie world. First you need to develop a mine and create a base on it that will help protect gold from hordes of the enemy.

During the game, you need to finish building towers and walls for protection, while it is necessary to improve already built elements. Zombies attack every night, so in the morning, afternoon and evening, collect raw materials and continue the construction of the structure.

The most important thing is to act together

Having earned a certain amount of money, you can start spending it on improving the base. In the new Zombs io game, it is very important to cooperate with other players, their help will be invaluable, they will help in the construction, which, thanks to them, will happen faster. In order to generate gold you need to install gold mines. The towers must be erected continuously, the larger they are, the easier it is to restrain night attacks of zombie opponents.

The game process takes place in real time and with real people. I wonder if you dare to engage in an unequal battle with a horde of zombies? Thanks to the possibility of choosing an online server, playing Zombie Io is most interesting with friends, teaming up on one of the servers. And clicking on the green button above the arcade, you can open it in full screen.

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