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Игра Вторжение

In total, in this game you can hire three types of troops:

  • Mages - ranged wars capable from a distance to slow down the enemy and at the same time inflict a small one on him, but permanent damage. They are able to learn several spells that increase the speed of their battle and reduce the amount of money needed to hire them. Almost no protection, which is why they are very vulnerable in close combat. The attack range is average.
  • Arrows - ranged wars that shoot at a lower speed than magicians, and also do not affect the enemy. Due to their small accuracy, attacks can often miss, which will require a large number of shooters for strong attacks. They are able to learn skills that can increase the number of lives and damage, increase accuracy, and also reduce the consumption of money.
  • Wars are the most powerful and popular class in the game, they can attack with swords, and when they are improved, they also do huge damage to the axes close combat. Due to this, at the first levels of improvement they have good protection and are able to withstand enemy attacks for a long time. They can master skills that increase their damage and defense, reduce the cost of hiring, improve the regeneration of lives, and also increase the speed of battle.

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