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In the game Vormiks io you have to pump a funny character - a fluffy caterpillar. You have to travel across the playing field in search of magical food. On your way there will be competitors who can significantly surpass you in size, quantity, as well as the level of pumping or the presence of special weapons. You will need to show briskness - this is especially important in the first stages, until your fluffy pet has grown stronger and has acquired powerful weapons and other tricks that will allow you to take a leading position on the field.

If at some point the playing field seems too small for you, it can be easily changed - you can play Wormix io ​​on the whole screen - this is much more convenient, especially in the later stages, when your character grows up significantly, adds weight and increase in size so that its dimensions go beyond the boundaries of the game screen.

The arcade interface is extremely simple and understandable. The screen is not oversized and allows you to fully enjoy online battles. Play Wormix Io alone and invite your friends - this game is multi-player, which gives it a special spirit of competition and competition. From stage to stage, you will see your progress, as well as your own position in the ranking of participants. Your main task is to get around all competitors and take a leading position in this game.


In turn-based strategies like, it is important to develop a full-fledged strategy for moving towards the goal. Only using a well-developed action plan will you be able to advance to a new level. If you remember this rule and follow it, you will be able to significantly advance to new horizons.

If you do everything correctly, be timely, dexterous and strong enough, then at more difficult levels you will become there is an opportunity to improve some of the important characteristics of your character. If you manage to accumulate a sufficient amount of fuzy, the opportunity to upgrade weapons will open up, which by itself will significantly affect the development speed of your hero.

Игра presents a huge selection of weapons that you can use to attack the enemy, but Do not think that choosing a powerful gun is the main guarantee of your success. You will need to be clever, wise, and most importantly timely. This game is very addictive - you don’t want to part with your beloved “fluffy nibble” for a long time, which, thanks to your efforts, develops, becomes strong, confident and cleverly overcomes all the obstacles that arise in the way.

We recommend that you play Wormix. io full screen, because it gives you the opportunity to better feel the map, determine the approximate location and trajectory of your opponents, and you can also develop the most reasonable strategy that will allow you to achieve maximum results and busy be a leader!

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