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Rating: 4.6
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Игра Взорви это 5

Despite the rather menacing name, the game Blast it 5 is very nice. Yes, perhaps, “darling” is the most appropriate word. Her overwhelming prettiness begins to haunt everyone literally from the menu page. Pink and blue shades of the page, deliberately cartoonish design, monkeys with hearts and a doll with a flag - everything is demonstratively harmless and cute. Accompanying music is consistent with the design.

The menu itself consists of three items, which allows you to start the game, familiarize yourself with its rules and controls, or see if there is anything else interesting. What awaits the gamer who selects the first item from the list?

Interface and control

It is worth starting with the fact that you can play alone or together. If the game is played alone, the control is quite standard - up and down and left and right arrows, but if two people play, things get a little more complicated: the first player uses the same arrows to move around, but the button Enter is used to plant a bomb. The second player controls the WASD keys and the right to plant a bomb with a space passes to him. It is worth noting that playing together is somewhat more difficult, but also more fun.
You can complete the game in four different versions, so you can choose the one you like, or go through all in turn.

Игра Взорви это 5

After the option to complete the Explosion is 5 option, the player goes to the character modeling page, which it’s also very interesting - you can choose one of eight funny cartoon creatures and even slightly adjust it to your wishes - however, after a certain amount of points has been earned, after all, replaceable hats and clothes are “paid”. You can choose a boy character or a funny girl.

Passage Blast it 5

When the character is selected and examined with approximation (after choosing this option becomes available to the player), you can proceed directly to the game process.
Passing involves collecting bonuses (depending on the passage, they vary), but so as not to collide with other characters. At high speed, plying back and forth through the maze, otherwise the game explode this 5 will end very quickly and sadly - the incineration of the character. So the gamer is not just having fun - he is training reaction and speed. However, you can always try again.

Игра Взорви это 5

And when the level ends with a victory and getting the coveted points, options with clothes and hats open. So if you wish, you can prettify the character.
Also, after completing each level of the game Blast it 5, a special information panel appears on which you can see how many points were received for destroying enemies, bonuses for the time and difficulty of the game, as well as for the level. And, of course, the overall score. And all this - in a pink candy-cocktail-ball design, from which technogenic bombs and gears are not knocked out wonderfully. ", Which facilitate the game and make it more fun and exciting. So, to summarize and clarify, what does a gamer get who decides to spend his time completing the fifth part of a series of games? Blast it.

Стоит заметить, что во время прохождения нужно воспользоваться возможностью и собирать также разбросанные там и сям «плюшки», которые облегчают процесс игры и делают его более веселым и увлекательным. Итак, подведем итоги и уточним, что же все-таки получает геймер, решивший потратить свое время на прохождение пятой части из серии игр Взорви это.

Features of the game

  • First, colorful and the pacific design of everything related to the game. At the same time, it’s not at all cloying - just to create a contrast between the “bloodthirstiness” of the mission (however, you don’t have to kill enemies after all) and this very design.
  • Secondly, the “five-minute” relaxation, which is very important in a vibrant modern world that is overflowing. It helps to remove indoor units, relax and physically. And morally, and finally relax from endless worries and the state of "protein in the wheel."
  • Thirdly, the reaction speed training and visual training - in order to keep the situation under control, you need to manage to press the necessary buttons and cover the entire “battlefield” with your eyes. Playing Blast it 5 is difficult, but exciting.
  • Fourth, a gamer gets if he shares the joy of the game process with a friend - this is training in teamwork, a “feeling of the elbow” and an even greater level of closeness with the chosen one partner.

Based on the above, we can conclude that the game is worth the time spent on it, and that once (or more than once) to return to it.

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