Winx game for two for girls

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Игра Винкс на двоих для девочек

If you are good at fashion and style, looking for a fascinating dress up that you can play with a girlfriend, love Winx Club sorceresses, then the Winx game for two for girls is exactly what what you need! Today, the sorceresses Flora and Bloom invite you to help them find a wardrobe for the new school season at Alfei School.

Glamorous fairies of the magical dimension of Magics

Somewhere far away from the fairy-tale worlds and crossroads of the past and future, the magical dimension of Magix was lost. Mages, fairies, sorcerers, sorceresses live in this wonderful country. The warring parties of good and evil wage war all the time.

The main heroines of the Winx for Girls game for two girls are studying at the Alfei School of Sorceresses. To maintain peace and harmony in a wonderful dimension, the most gifted girls have created a club to fight evil - Winx. For two, such a mission is beyond the power, so the girls united in a group of 6 people.

Игра Винкс на двоих для девочек

Like ordinary girls, the Winx fairies fall in love between school and battle, go on dates, parties, have fun, play, etc.

We select outfits for the most spectacular fashionistas Winx

As in all schools, a new school season also began in Alfey on September 1. So, each Winx girl faced an important task: to choose outfits. Moreover, the case is limited not only to one school uniform. It is necessary to choose dresses for youth parties, picnics with friends in nature, various school celebrations, going on dates, etc. In general, the front of work is endless!

Every Winx witch at school or club has a favorite girlfriend or like-minded person. They study together, share a room for two, share clothes and secrets.

In this game, designed for two fashionistas, the girls Bloom and Flora from Winx invite you and your friend to help them decide on the outfits. Sorceresses are sure that common efforts will make it easier to solve the problem.


This girl with fiery red hair is the main character of the series and the founder of the Winx club. A native of the planet Domino for many years lived an orphan on Earth because of the tricks of the bloodthirsty Trix, depriving her of her homeland and parents. If not for Stella, then Bloom would never have known about her great destiny.

Like all beauties, she carefully monitors her appearance and tries to dress in the latest fashion. In each transformation, the appearance of the girl and the outfits change.

Your task in the game for two is to develop her outfit sets for different transformations. If you remember, the girl meets Prince Skye, so she wants to always look good for her chosen one.

Try on her in the game different hairstyles, different types of wings, pick up evening dresses, casual skirts and blouses, shoes for each outfit, etc.


Очаровательная представительница планеты Линфия. По натуре она очень добрая и миролюбивая, поэтому старается избегать насилия и решать проблемы мирным путем. Поскольку Флора виртуозно играет на электрогитаре и дает концерты на двоих с подружками, то вам нужно подобрать для нее и сценические наряды в игре.

And the girl also meets handsome Helia, so the girl will need seductive dresses. Flora loves nature: keep this in mind when you pick out her outfits in the game. Usually a girl walks with her hair loose, try changing her hairstyle.

Игра Винкс на двоих для девочек

Winx game for two for girls: how to play

You can choose dresses and hairstyles for fairies alone in the game. But it will be much more fun to do this for two with a girlfriend. Each of you has your own taste, sense of style, knowledge of fashion, so it will be interesting to arrange a competition for two in the game: who will dress his heroine faster and more beautifully. Well, if you don’t have a competitive spirit, then it’s better to join forces with a girlfriend and work together to create new looks for glamorous fashionistas.

All manipulations in the Winx game are carried out with the mouse. In the game menu on the right side of the screen, click on the picture with the sorceress - and the treasury of her wardrobe will open to you.

In the game, you can dress up your heroines in turn, switching between them, or think through each detail together and dress them together. Your music will be accompanied by fun music in the game, so the time after class will run unnoticed and exciting.

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