Winx Mythix game for girls

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Игра Винкс Мификс для девочек

If you are captivated by the magical adventures of Winx club girls, if you like to spin in front of a mirror and conjure over a hairstyle and beauty, then fairy Flora invites you to help her have a pretty night out in the game for girls: Winx Mythix.

Transformation Mythix

One of the witches of the Winx division in the game is Flora. This kind girl is trying to fight enemies peacefully, resorting to the magic of the Earth. Depending on the magical transformations in the game, this beauty with caramel hair and green eyes changes her appearance. So in the sixth season of the cartoon and Mythix games, she looks like a real flower fairy. To get into the game in the Legendarium dimension, the girls of the Vicks club entered the Mythix state. So they sealed the scary monsters from the book. In the reincarnation of Mythix, the Winx club sorceresses got wings, like fairies, dressed up in dresses, etc. Also in Mythix, girls' hairstyles have changed dramatically.

Bachelorette party in honor of the victory over monsters

After defeating the enemies in the Legendarium, the Winx witches returned to their usual life in the dimension of Magix and took their former appearance. Today they plan to celebrate this grand victory, so they are going to a party. Your task in the game will help the girl bring beauty to the bachelorette party. Take a shower and shampoo and wash her luxurious long hair. Apply different masks and styling products to them in the game. When you're done with the girl’s hairdo, apply masks on her face to make her skin shine with beauty.

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